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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 

Same Old Liberal Politics - Good Riddance To Lise St-Denis

There is absolutely NOTHING ethical or upright about the slimy way in which Ms. St-Denis went to the Liberal Caucus. The voters of her federal riding only gave the Liberals 11.9% of the vote in the last election so there is also NOTHING democratic in what she did.

Oh well ... it will be fun to watch desperate Liberal bloggers going apeshit, imagining that they are on the rebound with the addition of this disgruntled and lackluster new member of their caucus.

If she or Bob Rae had ANY class, Ms. St. Denis would have resigned as a New Democrat and sought re-election as a Liberal by means of a by-election. Don't hold your breath expecting anything remotely like that from Rae or St. Denis.

Good Riddance!


-NOTE FOR LIBERALS: Too bad none in your federal party have the ethics and class of Saskatchewan NDP MLA - Buckley Belanger!

FYI, in Canadian democracy, one votes for a candidate. They still have the MP they voted for.

Ms. St. Denis eagerly TOOK thousands and thousands of dollars in donations from New Democrats in the riding .. many who worked LONG hours in order to have an NDP MP elected . At the very least, this extremely sleazy excuse for an MP owes a lot of money to the New Democrats association in her riding ... but as I said, it's Liberals that we are dealing with here ... Don't hold your breath!

Most people vote party, not candidate. This was a disgraceful anti-democratic exercise.

Qui est Mme. St. Denis?

I agree with Leftdog & Dr. Dawg - most people vote party and not individual. But what is most disgusting is that she said people voted for Jack and Jack is died - well as Ian Chapstick said, she should resign or sit as an independent because she didn't win on her merit.

I'm confused as to why the Liberal party and Ms. St. Denis are the only ones getting blamed here. Shouldn't the NDP - who claimed this MP as their own (and as their candidate twice before) - get a little bit?

MPs must become more free of their party chains, then we can have a better democracy, when MPs can stand up to thugs like Harper.

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