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Monday, February 06, 2012 

Not My Queen!

We continue to live in a make believe country. Somehow or the other, archaic processes remain which technically links the Dominion of Canada to the monarch of a foreign nation.

England's 'Elizabeth' may be your Queen ... she is not mine. I have no king or queen in my Canada.

This ludicrous, ridiculous affront to logic still continues. Enough already!

-Canada's Future Should NOT Include A 'King Charles'!

-Canada's Future Should NOT Include A 'King William' Or Harry!

Quit running after the shiny objects. The Royals are way down on the list of problems we have to face. On top of that, we'd have a hell of a time re-negotiating all those treaties with First Nations with the English king or queen's name on them rather than Canada's.

Obsession with royalty, in all cases, shows a severe deficiency in prioritization.

You speak pure nonsense. Your attitude towards Canada's immature attachment to England's monarchy is what keeps us from doing anything about it. It may be low on your priority list but that only proves that you do not understand the mechanics behind our nations's ongoing dysfunction.

The monarchy has very little to do with the dysfunction of our political system. Apart from vague symbolism, the worst thing to be said about the monarchy is that it is a quaint anachronism and an utter irrelevance.

Here-here, LD! I'm so sick and tired of people diminishing our aspirations and attempts to make Canada a real country and to make Canada into a republic.

The only obsession with royalty sunsin has is its preservation, and is using a classical royalist tactic to diminish an institution that is undemocratic, unegalitarian, elitist, classist, racist, that rules for life, is not elected nor removed, is at best the useless rubber-stamping puppet of the Prime Minister and at worst a tyrant, and is succeeded by blood.

As for those treaties sunsin blabbers about with possibly a hint of racism in his tone, they're worth the effort to redo!

I believe that maintaining the British monarchy in Canada does, in fact, have something to do with the current dysfunction of the Cdn political system.

As students in elementary school, we are taught that we have a Queen but that she has no real power. We make a huge 'to do' about something that is basically irrelevant to day to day activity in the nation.

So when we try to get people in interested in things that DO matter, like voting or expressing your opinion, or taking part in the democracy, we have already indoctrinated people into thinking that 'it doesn't really matter' ... 'we really don't have a say' etc etc.

If you want to put people to sleep electorally, fill them full of nonsensical anachronisms that relay the message ... 'it doesn't matter'.

"The monarchy has very little to do with the dysfunction of our political system."
On the contrary it is the executive authority of Canada, and it retains reserve powers that are vague, not limited.

"Apart from vague symbolism, the worst thing to be said about the monarchy is that it is a quaint anachronism and an utter irrelevance."
Symbol of what? Why should we be deprived of our democratic rights over vague symbolism?

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