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Saturday, February 04, 2012 

There Was No 'Sober Second Thought' In Senator's Call To Give Rope To Prisoners

As a New Democrat I advocate for the abolishment of the Canadian Senate. It is an archaic, highly expensive, undemocratic retirement home for Conservative and Liberal hacks, flacks and other riff raff. The best argument made by those who defend the Senate, is that the Chamber acts as a House of 'sober second thought', where measured and mature reflection is conducted on matters before Canada's Parliament.

I am not sure what sober second thought went into Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu's recent call to give pieces of rope to Canadian prisoners so that they can hang themselves in their jail cells.

A number of editors and columnists are calling for some 'tolerance' of the Senator's plight. His daughter was raped and murdered and it is said that his ludicrous call should be understood in context of his grief and anger.

You have to ask yourself why, exactly, it is that Stephen Harper appointed him to the Seante? Obviously a man so afflicted with grief, anger and despair over his loss would soundly endorse the Conservatives Omnibus Crime Bill. But where oh where is the element of 'sober second thought' present in this unfortunate situation?

Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu's only qualification for Senate appointment is that he lost a daughter to a murderer and therefore can be expected to solidly support Harper's crime fighting agenda. The fault here goes to Stephen Harper for his typical abuse of senate appointments to satisfy his own political needs.

Sober second thought? Not in this case.

It's an appalling reflection on the state of Canadian political leadership, no question. What is even more troubling is the number of ordinary Canadians who aren't repulsed by this idea. This sort of hardening of extreme attitudes seems endemic in sharply divided societies.

Agreed. My prediction is that it is only going to get worse.

While I totally sympathize with PH Boisvenu's personal plight, I do think that people should be calling for elected senators, not abolishing it.

In all-out-honesty it is his own personal opinion, regardless of what others say, and however stupid it may sound. American politicians say things thousands of times worse and usually they get away with it, either ignored or ridiculed or . . . lose an election. Why Boisvenu said this is beyond me. In part he speaks as a victim's father, in part he speaks as a politician.

For me, it's not just a sober second thought but if apportioned equally, would provide equal representation for every province, regardless of population, as opposed to equal representation of people, regardless of province. However, I am against patronage or hereditary succession to any political office. Monarchy is a great example and the worst offenders. It's undemocratic, archaic, expensive and doesn't even live in Canada, yet hardly anyone talks about that.

While I vote for NDP, I have my own opinions, which is pretty much what everyone is afraid to have. They're so scared of having their own opinions that are beyond the party line.

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