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Saturday, March 03, 2012 

Canada's MSM Scrambles To Provide 'Cover' For Harper And Top Conservatives

We shouldn't be surprised that much of Canada's main stream media is now going through journalistic and editorial contortions to try and provide cover for Stephen Harper from his stinky RoboGate mess:

-Top Tories would never risk all to steal an election (Ottawa Citizen)

-Robocalls the work of rogues (Windsor Star)

-Not much of a robo-scandal - but it still leaves its mark (Rex Murphy - National Post)

-Robocall mudslinging (National Post)

Leave it to Post Media to bring out the hacks to tell you that there's nothing to this story. I picture Leslie Nielsen telling a crowd "Nothing to see here. You can go home." as a warehouse full of fireworks is exploding behind him.

I was surprised that Crock TV indicated on the later news the inaccuracy of the information that Stephen Harper had presented in the House about the Liberal robocalls. Alas, it became clear that the world hadn't ended, on Friday there was little mention that the Conservatives in their haste to "smear" the liberals were in error.

Part 1 of 2

I have been watching the sleazy (couldn't help this word slip it just slithered out of my mouth ;) rise to power of the (Far) Right (less) Honorable Prime Minister (Slick) Steven Harper, humph. This man unfortunately is not a mental moron but he is a danger to Canada. It has been stated that he has been anointed by the larger powers that be, in the greater Geo-political world sphere of NWO types, to be the man that dismantles democracy in Canada, which in retrospect seems credibly obvious; we can not let him get away with this.

I have seen the change in him he is not the political idealist he may once have been. He sold his soul to the highest bidder and does not work for Canadians anymore or unless you are with him and if your not its easy; your either a terrorist, an Eco terrorist, an anti big business terrorist, an anti development terrorist, an anti G8 (NWO) terrorist or an anti free trade (which benefits only Multi- and Transnational Corporations and the extremely rich) terrorist and if that does not work you are simply a child pornographer, because you have a computer that is internet connected.

Why do you think the NWO would choose Slick? Here is what Slick had to say about coalition governments governing Canada in the winter of 96-97, which by the way is quite a reverse from election 2011 where coalition governments became painted as a terrorist plot of some sort:


Basically if I may paraphrase here what Slick and Tom “Assassinate Julian” Flanagan had to say about a coalition government. Because Canada is such a vast and diverse country the only fair way to govern it is with a coalition of all the separate and diverse regions of Canada, preferably five parties, (basically North, Far West, West Center, East and Far East), represented fairly. Now get this they also emphatically stated that our form of government meaning a sitting one party majority government in Canada was nothing more than an elected dictatorship they called “benign” here is the title of the paper and opening salvo

“"Next City, Winter 1996/97."

Our benign dictatorship Canada's system of one-party-plus rule has stunted democracy. Two prominent conservatives present the case for more representative government-by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan” (see part 2)

Part 2 of 2

So not only does Harper know he has unfettered power, he plans to make full use of it and have us fall in line into the ‘bigger picture’ of one world government order. Hence the Security Perimeter Agreement with the US behind closed doors, this one is truly scary and the Euro free trade pact. The Security Perimeter Agreement gives the US ultimate say as to whether or not Canadians can enter or exit our own country and not just to the US and back but to anywhere in the world, after all we might be terrorists, right? But also who can and cannot enter Canada, do you feel sovereignty slipping away yet, for the good of the 'bigger picture'? Read what Ralph Nader warned Canadians about during the 2011 election here regarding the Security Perimeter Agreement:


And if any of you doubt that Robo-call was not put into play by Slick's "operation reelection: majority at any cost", read this: obviously a test run in the 2008 election to see if it would work and if anyone would notice:


It did work and few noticed are you getting the “big picture” yet? Why the new jails when crime is statistically declining?



And google here:

Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2010

And google here:

Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2009

The new jails are for people like us, not criminals, but lawful citizens that disagree with Harper’s criminal cabal that is attempting to steal Canada and put it in the lap of foreign Transnational Corporations and other alien filthy rich foreigners.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m pissed and righteously so. The 24th of May 2012 (“The holiday is colloquially known as May Two-Four in parts of Canada;”) long weekend falls on the 19 to the 21 of May this year. This notice should give all Canadians time to march on Ottawa “two-four” abreast and stay on Parliament Hill until Harper and his crooked band of cronies’ leaves and is locked up for good. The Egyptians have set the bar high, they showed us how to get rid of a crooked sleazy corrupt Dictatorship and now we will show you how to get rid of a crooked sleazy corrupt Autocracy disguised as a Benign Dictatorship! I will see you on the hill!

Canada before it is to late set aside your differences that leeches like Harper prey upon and get him out because he criminally deceived his way into office; therefore he is now officially a “criminal terrorist” committing conspiracy to subvert the Canadian Government and its Sovereignty from within and the good news is its open season on terrorists because George Bush declared it so!

Everything you needed to know about Team Harper but were afraid to ask:


I AM a Righteously Pissed CANADIAN.

Last word:

On the lighter side a little poem for your amusement:

Harper’s Land and the Roving Polling Stations,
A Magical Mysterious Act: Election 2011!

He’s building really big jails,
And soon it’ll be filled with the wails,
The shrieks of a dying Democracy,
Soon we’ll be a Harper Autocracy,
Harper land is definitely here,
The voting fraud makes it ever so clear,
Canada is gone forever,
Unless we all shout “NEVER”!

The F-35’s he’ll use on us,
It will be like we’ve been hit by a Libyan bus,
That is if we give him a chance,
So now we must kick him in the pants,
It’s time to say goodbye,
We know Steve gave it a try,
But, Harper you’re beginning to smell,
So it’s time that you said farewell.

Steven Harper you’ve gone way to far,
You think our heads are empty like a jar,
But we’ve caught you red-handed,
And now it looks like you’ve landed,
In a terrible mess,
Now c’mon just fess,
Up to the fact,
That you orchestrated this act!

And because of that,
You will never get fat,
At the hogs trough political,
Because we aim to cut your umbilical,
So you’ll never again be able,
To sit at the con party table,
No sir not ever again,
You won’t be allowed to campaign!

We’ll march two-four abreast,
We’ll put Harper to the test,
We’ll call it the Canadian spring,
We’ll have a really good fling,
We’ll march on Parliament Hill,
We’ll get rid of that shill,
Who calls himself the prime minister,
Since really he’s evil and sinister.

Know anyone that can put this to music?

I AM a Righteously Pissed CANADIAN.

Maher and MacGregor's reportage started out so promising, but is now sabotaged by Postmedia's charter - to provide cover for the Cons. There is still reason for optimism. Despite the MSM's moonlighting job of propping up the Cons, this story has legs. It's not going away. Journalists will be forced to report and opinion writers will have no choice but to admit reality. Maybe not now but soon.

Harpers Majority is a fraud.

If you have not read this you will be amazed, its Sun News.

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