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Thursday, March 01, 2012 

A public inquiry is needed to get to the bottom of the robocall scandal ...

"We believe the issue of an inquiry needs to be addressed because of the seriousness and the scope of what we're looking at. We think Judge Gomery did an excellent job before for Canadians and they trust him. We need a public inquiry."
Charlie Angus MP
NDP Ethics Critic

A public inquiry is needed to get to the bottom of the robocall scandal.

Edmonton Journal

I don't agree that we should have an inquiry. It would take two years and the government would somehow manage to undermine it. People themselves (with the help of the Council of Canadians) need to get together in their ridings and go to court to force by-elections. Re. people who should be charged, we need to force Elections Canada to do its job -- people should go to jail. Have a look: http://nickfillmore.blogspot.com/2012/03/big-robo-calling-question-will-anyone.html

And could a real inquiry, from Elections Canada, have stopped this way back in....



No, we do not need need a public inquiry. We need a criminal investigation. What happened was a crime. Voter intimidation of any kind is a crime.

I can't believe that the NDP has proven itself once again to be useless. First they call the reverse on the monarchy "divisive", and now they're calling for a public inquiry rather than a criminal investigation.

We need to stop the clock - there are only 16 days or so left before the 30 days limitation of lawsuits section of the Canada Elections Act kicks into place and no voter or candidate in any of the 77 ridings so far identified as possibly being ridings where voter suppression took place can stop the clock by launching a lawsuit under that Act.

So the best response is to call up the Council of Canadians and donate to their fund - at least they are taking active steps to stop the clock!

No, what we need RIGHT NOW is for voters or candidates in the 77 ridings where possible voter suppression has been identified, to STOP THE 30 DAY CLOCK under the Canada Elections Act.

They can do so by issuing a statement of claim under that Act.

Only the Council of Canadians is so far taking active steps to stop the clock - help Canada by donating to the Council, and calling your party riding president and/or MP demanding that your party also take active steps to stop the clock.

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