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Thursday, April 05, 2012 

Montreal Gazette: "So that's it then: They knew and they lied. To Parliament. To all of us."

"So that's it then: They knew and they lied. To Parliament. To all of us.

If Auditor General Michael Ferguson's word is to be believed — and there is no reason to think that it isn't — then the federal cabinet and by extension the prime minister, and not just the anonymous gnomes in the Department of National Defence, are directly on the hook for the F-35 boondoggle, in the most egregious sense.

They knew before the last federal election that the jets would cost billions more than had been stated by DND — at least $10-billion more, around $25.1-billion. They allowed the department to publicly table an estimate of $14.7-billion."

Montreal Gazette

There is a bigger issue here, I think, and that is the extent to which this government will go to achieve objectives covertly when they know that they cannot get a critical mass to support them if they put all the cards on the table. The Canadian consensus on military spending emphasizes peacekeeping efforts and active engagement as a last resort. We don't want state-of-the-art kill power for the simple reason that we know some jackass will use it if it's there.
Harper is doing his best to pretend this isn't the Reform Party. We need to connect the dots.

Meanwhile, the Queen does nothing, under the pathetic excuse of powerlessness/non-partisanship/apolitical/insert-absurd-excuse-and-creationist-logic-here, perhaps as a cover for an unelected head of state that isn't Canadian to be complicit by deliberately doing nothing.

Even over the robocalls, the suspension of Parliament, and other symptoms of that diseased, tired, unoriginal and un-Canadian system of government we've been living under, that Canadians have now forgotten about, since corruption scandals in a monarchy creates amusement; corruption scandals in a republic creates outrage; corruption is accepted in a monarchy; corruption is unforgivable in a republic.

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