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Thursday, April 26, 2012 

Stephen Harper Just Makes Stuff Up And Has No Idea What He's Talking About ....

 (typo corrected)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was shouted down during a debate in question period Thursday on the Afghanistan mission for suggesting the NDP – not yet in existence – didn’t even support Canada’s military involvement in the Second World War. 

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was asking Harper if he intended to extend the Afghanistan mission past 2014 after a Postmedia News report Wednesday said U.S officials had asked Canadian special forces to stay past the withdrawal date. 

The prime minister responded the NDP has a pacifistic ideology “regardless of circumstances” and his government would make the right decision for Afghanistan’s security. 

“In 1939, the NDP leader didn’t even want to support the fight against Hitler,” Harper said, before being drowned out by cat calls. 

NDP MPs gently reminded Harper from across the aisle that the NDP didn’t come into existence until 1961, birthed by a union between the socialist Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and the Canadian Labour Congress. “CCF, NDP, same difference,” Harper responded curtly. 

“I guess we can start talking about Reform Party policies,” Mulcair replied, to the delight of the opposition benches.'

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it was the most excellent come back by Mulcair & now we get to educate Harper on NDP history in Canada and everywhere!

Absolutely. The Right has the very bad habit of believing in total nonsense. The same way in which they spend like drunken sailors (jets, Afghanistan, corporate tax cuts) yet see themselves somehow as 'fiscal conservatives'. Some serious cognitive dissonance going on in Harper's administration.

Just so no one misses out, Harper's statement is actually and demonstrably false.

The CCF, at a joint meeting of the caucus and the party executive, decided to vote in favour of the declaration of war on Nazi Germany. And so they did.

Leader J.S. Woodsworth, a very principled pacifist, could not support the caucus position and therefore tendered his resignation as leader and from the party. The caucus and council rejected both.

The day of the debate, M.J. Coldwell spoke first (at the place in the speaking order where normally the leader would have spoken). Woodsworth was given the party's other speaking spot.

Stephen Harper lied to the House of Commons today. But then, lying is really the only thing he does well.

Thanks Malcolm! As I said, Harper just makes stuff up! The sooner Canada is rid of this nutbar ... the better!

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