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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 

How Brad Wall And The Sask Party Gov't Recruited And Later Stiffed Irish Workers

It's pretty well known in progressive circles, that the Sask Party administration of Premier Brad Wall is by and large influenced and controlled by the privatized potash industry. 

Case in point. In March, Premier Wall and a large ministerial entourage traveled to Ireland to help 'recruit' unemployed Irish skilled workers to come and work for Saskatchewan's Potash industry. Wall got lots of good press from our MSM. 

Well, to make a long story short, a number of Irish tradespersons accepted Premier Wall's offers and assurances and made the way with their families to the prairies of Saskatchewan. But after just mere weeks, the potash employers laid the Irish workers off!  

A huge inside scramble has been made to find them other work ... mostly to save Premier Wall's caboose from huge embarrassment. However, the Irish workers are not so agreeable to take work that is far removed from the work they were recruited and enticed to move to Canada for. 

You see, Saskatchewan Party ideology holds that a working person is a cog - exploitable and expendable. Keep their wages as low as possible. Give them lots of 'rah rah' and ensure that the well being of the corporate sector is maintained over the interests of the people at all costs. 

Free enterprise ... it's not all that free.

Brad Wall has made 'Irish Errors' in the past ....  

The general sentiment on a local Regina Right wing call in show towards the plight of these Irish workers is this .... they should receive NO sympathy. They should take whatever work they are directed to take and move wherever the company wants them to. 

This sentiment basically describes Brad Wall's "Saskatchewan Advantage" ... if you own a company in this province, you will ALWAYS be given the advantage! Working people are merely widgets.

And here I thought slavery didn't exist in Canada.

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