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Thursday, September 06, 2012 

Lots Of Hype In Brad Wall's So Called 'Booming' Economy

No one argues that Potash companies are not BOOMING in Saskatchewan.  However, they are essentially being given the province's potash reserves  ...  flipping a mere 4 or 5 pennies on the dollar to the rightful owners! 

No one argues that a number of businesses are not BOOMING in Saskatchewan. However, the fact that they are subsidized by the LOWEST minimum wage in the nation certainly helps! 

Brad Wall's administration is highly skilled at the art of communication. However, the fact that the province's four daily newspapers are all controlled by a single owner who is deep in Wall's political corner certainly helps! 

But,if you cut through all the slogans and phony 'free market' business bravado, many of us still wonder exactly 'what' Boom it is that Brad Wall and his MSM pals keep referring to? 

Here's an example:  
Early in Mr. Wall's first term, there was a huge amount of chest thumping and back slapping about economic activity in the province. One of the best examples trotted out was the announcement of a huge development in downtown Regina. Capital Pointe was touted as a centre-piece of Wall's 'New Saskatchewan'. 

Reality is a cruel master. Reality leaves many of us wondering exactly what Boom it is that Mr. Wall keeps referring to?  

"A high-profile condo and hotel development in downtown Regina — one that's been through a series of starts and stops — appears to be on the backburner once again. The Capital Pointe Development located at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Albert Street was supposed to be a $70-million, 26-storey skyscraper — the tallest building in Regina. In addition to condos and retail space, the original project also called for a nine-storey Hilton hotel, with a 2013 opening planned. 

However, the lot where the old Plains Hotel used to be currently sits empty, with weeds surrounding a picture of what the new building is supposed to look like. An administration report going to Regina city councillors today says although council previously approved the project, the company's development permit has expired. That means the firm will have to go back to both the planning commission and city council to have the project "re-approved."  

(Photos courtesy CBC.ca and CJME ....)

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