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Saturday, August 25, 2012 

Right Wing Liberal Shameless In Attacking Jack Layton's Memory

A certain right wing Liberal, (who writes for the Toronto Sun), simply can't stand the fact that Canadians like Jack Layton. If you listen to him, New Democrats must never ... ever, mention the name of 'Jack Layton' again. 

Stuff it you miserable right wing Liberal hack!  You give living proof to the old prairie political axiom .. 'Liberal / Tory.  Same old story'!

Warren Kinsella -Toronto Sun

While I am no fan of the NDP, Jack was the very definition of a "Statesman" He was definitely a man of the people in the street. There are many things I could hack at Jack for, but I would prefer to remember the things I liked about the man. He was one of the very few politicians that didn't make me sick.

As for Warren, well he's just a bitter old asshole who still thinks thinks he is relevant in the Liberal party, and the sooner the Liberals disavow him the better.

I guess I won't be donating to the Liberal Party's "Laurier Club." https://action.liberal.ca/en/laurier.

What would Sir Wilfrid Laurier think about his partisans trying to make money, or grub a few votes, by invoking his name? We’ll never know.

But the rest of us, the ones still among the living, know it’s pretty sick.

I still think that some Liberals' idea to unite the so-called "left" is not meant to defeat the Conservatives, but to delete the NDP.

Absolutely! If most Liberals were handed a ballot without a Liberal candidate ... and they had to choose between a Tory and a New Dem ... MOST would vote Conservative. Some would vote NDP. Kinsella's X would most likely go to the Conservatives.

Thanks Zorpheous for being graceful in your comments.

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