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Friday, January 04, 2013 

Harper And The Conservative Party Seemed Determined To Tear Up And Totally Disregard Treaties Signed Between Canada And The First Nations

Stephen Harper has an extremely bullying approach towards issues. In his arrogance, he believed that he could merely change Treaties that exist between Canada and the First Nations by sweeping legislative changes hidden inside a massive Omnibus Bill.

He is wrong ... on all accounts.

Canada is a signatory to numerous Treaties with other nations. Not the least of which are the treaties that exist between Canada and the First Nations who originally owned the land that we now call The Dominion of Canada. 

Canada signed treaties with First Nations peoples recognizing them as 'nations'. These First Nations ceded Trillions of dollars worth of land for certain ongoing obligations from the Crown, represented by the Federal government. And while, yes, many generations have passed since the treaties were signed, they are as valid today (recognized by the UN and other nations) as an agreement between sovereign  nations.

Harper and his corporate friends would destroy the ecology and environment of the entire nation to extract profit and would leave future generations with a wasteland.

I applaud and salute the First Nations who are standing up to this Right wing crap.

Harper honors nothing. Harper doesn't honor this country either. He is handing Canada to Communist China on a silver platter. China has been given our resources and our resource jobs. Harper omnibus bill has permitted China, to sue any Canadians, getting in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

Harper's asinine omnibus bill, breaks the treaty with the F.N. Harper has given himself the right, to pollute and destroy the F.N. waterways, fish and their hunting grounds. The F.N. food sources are constantly under threat, by Harper's greed. In BC we support the F.N. fighting to save their food sources. F.N. in BC are our unpaid stewards, for all of BC's eco systems. The F.N. rely on their BC food sources. We rely on BC's beauty, for tourism. Everything else has been thieved and sold out of BC. Harper and Gordon Campbell did enough dirt to BC. BC can not afford, any more pollution and damage

Harper declares himself a devout Christian. He has no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. Harper is a traitor to this country. Harper belongs in prison for his treachery, to the F.N. and we lesser Canadians, of the 99%.

When the Chiefs talk about sovereignty, they mainly talk about ambition for land grabs and securing their power.

Why can't there be the unification of all nations into one? Only one nation should stand.

I'm of the opinion that this land belongs to all Canadians, be them indigenous and non-indigenous, and that government, at whatever level, should not be in the business of establishing or executing a mandate of either assimilation or preserving cultures. People should be free to be themselves if they so choose without coercion.

That being said, while all levels of government should be held accountable, I still disagree with the idea of concentrating more and more power into the hands of ministers. Of course, then again, conservatives oppose democracy, anyway.

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