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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 

Here We Go Again ... More Phony Liberal 'Policy' on Cannabis Reform ...

"Marijuana legalization could mean thousands of new jobs and a significant tax boon for Canadians, according to a new draft policy paper by the Liberal Party. But the detailed report, released by the Liberals’ B.C branch, argues that low prices and high quality are essential to keep marijuana production out of the black market. The paper states that marijuana prohibition has failed in not only preventing usage among Canada's youth but also in enabling the black market to flourish. Legalization, it argues, is essential to fighting organized crime."
Victoria Times Colonist

 Hold on for one minute!!!! Why should anyone take the Liberals seriously on marijuana reform in Canada?

While they were in power, Canada's former Liberal government introduced marijuana reform legislation a number of times ... and then let the Bills die on the order paper session after session, year after year.


Well because they were playing both sides of the political fence at the same time... something that Liberals were very good at!  Let me explain.

1) If you were absolutely in favour of marijuana law reform, the Liberals pointed to their proposed legislation that would lessen sentences for simple possession. They sounded progressive and sincere. 

2) However, if you were not in favour of marijuana law reform, the Liberals pandered to you by NEVER actually passing the many bills that they introduced.

For years, pot reform advocates let the Liberals off the hook, because, 'reform was on the horizon'! The Libs were going to show progressive action on the issue. Hmmm ... not so much.

Because they did nothing, year after year and term after term ...  Liberals have some explaining to do!

-Liberal Party Hypocritical on Marijuana reform

reminds of the national childcare program - from 1993 and onward,they talked, and talked, and talked - all sorts of other legislation passed - legislation they never campaigned on, but not national childcare, until the dying days of a minority govt and an attempt to change the channel of the Gomery inquiry (libs on the take).

Right you are Jan! The Libs made a practice of this kind of politics. I recall in the 1980's, the Libs pledged to 'double track' the entire CN rail system to reduce the number of trucks burning diesel. That one, like the national day care program, evaporated as well. Belated New Years greetings to you Jan!

Excellent analysis. I remember as Chretian was ending his reign he joked on tv about how maybe he would try some Cannabis now that he was leaving office. I forget the exact 'joke' he made about it, but it was along the same lines as his "pepper, me I put it on my plate" joke about police pepper-spraying peaceful protestors. It made me sick at the time, because he was obviously being facetious about Cannabis legalization.

Cannabis reform might be on the horizon, but in the meantime, the RCMP in small town, redneck territory is still waging its drug war with propaganda and lies designed to instill fear in peaceful citizens. They get away with things in small towns they would never do or say in big cities because there is rarely anyone brave enough, individuals or what passes for media, to speak out publicly and challenge the RCMP prohibition narrative, for fear of that knock on the door. I know many senior citizens afraid of having their medicine, the world's oldest & safest, confiscated by a gun-carrying gang authorized by the government to violate their human and civil rights.

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