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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 

"Liberal / Tory ... same old story" - Stockwell Day Throws Support To Right Wing B.C. Liberal Party

KELOWNA, B.C. - A former federal Conservative cabinet minister says he'll be supporting the BC Liberal Party in the upcoming provincial election.

Stockwell Day served as trade minister and public safety minister under Prime Minister Stephen Harper but didn't seek re-election in 2011.

This past October, he and former Conservative senator Gerry St. Germain told delegates at a Liberal convention that British Columbians had to unite under Premier Christy Clark to keep the New Democrats from office. 

Day says New Democratic policies will be bad for the economy, adding that when he was a provincial finance minister in Alberta in the 1990s, capital and human resources fled east from the NDP-governed B.C.
Now a current consultant living in the Okanagan, Day says he doesn't want to see that happen again and is volunteering in the most important election in B.C. in 50 years.

An Angus Reid poll released Monday found Clark and her governing Liberals had an approval rating of 25 per cent, down from 31 per cent just three months prior.Winnipeg Free Press
Progressive Bloggers

What a surprise! One can only hope that his endorsement brings Clark the same electoral success as he brought his own party. By the way, who names their kid Stockwell???

For a stunned moment I thought you'd written 'throws up on Right Wing B.C. Liberal Party.. which is understandable. I'm not sure if BC Liberals welcome such tainted support whether thrown or vomited from a flawed Conservative Party member with such baggage.. but then again those BC Liberals can stand the stench of themselves.. so why not ol Stockwell too?

Similar tainted support, thrown from Day's old buddy Harper didn't work out well though.. to wit the disastrous loan of Ken Boessenkool to the Christy Clark Camp to help speed up the sale of Canada to China. Of course there is no record of that, it was all verbal, oral, y'know.. transparent.

I really must go back to the source.. to Emily Dee's refreshingly frank research collections, to understand the convoluted intertwined partnership & political marriages of Harper and Day and how and why they became political bedfellows.

If nothing else, those two brought the art of hypocrisy, denial, poison pill political alliances and revisionist history invention to a higher art form.

Well, anyway .. here we go. A self righteous, smug, evangelical political animal is going to stump & campaign for a completely corrupt & incompetent provincial farm team of Steven Harper's landlocked, wannabe separatist, federal province of Alberttawa.

When I hear complete doinks like Day, Harper, and shameless sellout twits like Peter Kent, Jim Flaherty & Joe Oliver preach & screech about our children and grandchildren & children of the future need to be saved from generations of damage from the NDP or Liberals .. its me that feels like barfing.

There's only one septic zone in Canada where creatures like them truly belong.. and that's groveling deep in their beloved tar sands and tailing ponds.

I thought his name was Doris.

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