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Tuesday, April 30, 2013 

So Called 'Fiscal Conservative' Gov't Won't (or) Can't Explain Where Missing $3.1 Billion Tax Dollars Are!

Progressive Bloggers 

"Federal departments and agencies spent about $3.1-billion less on public safety and anti-terrorism activities than they were allocated, and no there was no explanation for the gap. In a report released Tuesday, Michael Ferguson revealed that the Harper government has been unable to explain why so much money set aside in recent years for the anti-terrorism initiative has simply gone missing. Furthermore, he found the government did not have a clear handle on whether it had met the strategy’s objectives of keeping terrorists out of Canada, and deterring attacks."

"Ferguson found that between 2001 and 2009, the Treasury Board allocated about?$12.9 billion to 35 departments and agencies to fund activities related to public security and anti-terrorism.
However, his auditors found that only about $9.8-billion was spent on anti-terrorism activities during that period — about $3.1-billion less than allocated.
The auditors asked the government for information to explain the $3.1-billion difference between what was set aside and what was actually spent.
However, no records were “available” to explain the shortfall, Ferguson was told"

-Auditor General Discovers That $3.1 Billion Tax Dollars Missing Under Harper's Administration

I like this Micheal Ferguson guy.

"Corrupt" (or) "Incompetent" ... I wonder which??

I hope we're not delving into Washington-style "black projects" spending. That said I can see it would appeal to Harper's fetish for manipulative secrecy.

I really do think Harper is as bent as a 3 penny nail.

You raise a good point about possible 'black projects'. Maybe this has been used to try and hide the Billions of tax dollars wasted in Afghanistan. I can see Harper rationalizing that as 'fighting terrorism'. Thanks!

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