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Sunday, May 05, 2013 

Here's Warren Kinsella Doing His Best Imitation Of A Serbian Nationalist ....

When the Harper Conservatives attacked Justin Trudeau, who decried the nastiness of their attacks? Yes.. Mr. Kinsella. But what is this? Mr. Kinsella has decided to adopt the tone of a Harperite … and tear into Mulcair with trumped up charges and phony indignation. You can bet money if there were no Liberal on a ballot that Warren would make his 'X' on election day for a Conservative LONG before he would ever vote NDP. I know it .. now you do too. 

In his attack against Mulcair, Kinsella forgets that Newfoundland was admitted to Confederation with a vote of 51%. The 49% of Newfoundlanders who did not want to be Canadian recognized that democracy had prevailed. But for some reason, some of Canada’s more right wing Liberals sound like Serbian Nationalists and would use the Canadian military to force Quebec to remain in Confederation no matter what percentage voted to secede. Kinsella is one of those Liberals. His attack on Thomas Mulcair is despicable.

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I posted the following comment on Kinsella's blog in response to his latest column in Sun News

"Quebec-bashing at its finest. And here you accuse Mulcair of sowing disunity in Canada by seeking to pursue an enquiry into allegations concerning improprieties surrounding the 1982 repatriation of the Constitution, a request put forward unanimously by the Quebec National Assembly, including MNA’s from the Quebec Liberal Party. Quite appropriate that your piece was published in Sun News, where in the comments section you have attracted a hate-mongering Conservative mob, calling for Quebec to be booted from Canada, for unilingual English, for the Quebec NDP caucus to be arrested for treason, for the Quebec National Assembly to be arrested for treason. Quite an accomplishment for one who claims his purpose is to promote Canadian unity…"


Hey Dana ... why don't you tell us how your precious Liberals are going to decriminalize marijuana! LOL

Hi Rene .. good stuff. Mr. Kinsella would not publish my comment .. deleted it ... hence this post.

It's incredible how stupid the interwebs make people. I must have said it a few hundred times by now but I'll repeat it specially for you leftpuppy.




Mostly however I'm fed up with smart people like you behaving stupidly when you put on your partisan beanie.

I am a New Democrat because when we become the government of Canada (and we will) .. we are going to get a number of things correct that the Liberals never did .... like ending the criminalization of Canadians who use cannabis.

Reformacons at war with the world !!

It would appear this government of national disunity is not content with fomenting bigotry and hatred, if not outright armed conflict, seeking out enemies and targeting minorities within its borders, it extends such practices to the international arena, seeking out and making new enemies on a daily basis and sowing wide the seeds of disharmony if not actively campaigning for and subsequently participating in wars in far flung lands.

And this is what Kinsella wishes the Liberals to emulate and the audience he of anglo-chavinist bigots and Neanderthals he seeks to embrace with his broadsides against Mulcair and "Quebec separatists".

Given the state of affairs on the planet today, there are far more fearsome threats, to any sane person, that that of the duly-elected PQ government of Pauline Marois.

And Reformacon policies of war-mongering, threat-mongering, hate-mongering do carry are price tag, you cannot carry on indefinitely in such manner with impunity, there are reprisals when the targets of such hate-mongering sit up and take notice, and respond to such threats...

Such is the case with the bid by Arab states to move the headquarters of the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization's office from Montreal to Qatar, seen as a response to Canada's pro-Zionist policies in the Middle East.

In the media discussion following reports of such development in sites such as Yahoo Canada or the National Post, paranoid and bloodthirsty Reformacons are calling on the government of Canada to do everything from disengaging from the UN entirely, waging war on the Middle East, waging war on the pequistes in Quebec. Honestly, Reformacons, with 3 billion missing from the federal coffers, Canada simply does not have the capability to wage war on so many fronts simultaneously.

In an article in the National Post, proclaiming "Tories, PQ join forces to block Arab states from stripping Montreal of key UN agency", we learn that:

"Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Quebec’s minister of international affairs Jean-Francois Lisee will hold a news conference to present a common front on keeping the UN agency in Montreal."

"Although it’s unusual for federal Conservatives and Quebec separatists to share a podium, Baird told the House of Commons Thursday that he will work with anyone to ensure the agency doesn’t move."

Which doesn't hinder brainless Reformacon minions from declaring in the comments section:
"The PQ is a terrorist organization" and
"If ICAO leaving Montreal embarrasses the PQ gov't, that's
a bonus. The PQ should not be treated as just another political party when it is in fact a major threat to the stability and prosperity of our country and
our continent. Canadians should spread the word to American friends, relatives and business contacts as to what a danger the PQ is. The PQ should be branded a terrorist organization and its members banned for setting foot in the U.S."

And thus you have, in the Reformacon mindset, the government of Canada making common cause with PQ "terrorists" in order to offset a threat to Canada's prestige and reputation, and to Montreal's economy, posed by Muslim "terrorists", both of whom the mindless Reformacon base are fully prepared to wage war against.

It is a wonder that such a government, with such an ignorant base, who refer to Palestinians as "stone-throwing barbarians" can command respect anywhere on the planet other than Israel. Hence the necessity for Baird to make common cause with Jean-Francois Lisee of the PQ, to use the PQ's moral authority and goodwill with Palestinians and the Arab world to offset the threat of Qatar's bid for the UN office.

As a further note to Kinsella Liberals and their bloodthirsty war-mongering Reformacon following, you cannot with impunity label the Quebec government a "terrorist" government or call for a nth time a "state of emergency" and armed intervention to crush Quebecers political aspiration, whatever path they choose.

The world is not the same today as in 1970, I would surmise the government of Quebec commands as much respect, if not more, than the current government of Canada in the civilized world, ie Europe, whereas the government of Canada commands little respect, and justifiably so in what Reformacons refer to as the "uncivilized world".

It would be the utmost irony were the Reformacons to follow the urges of their crazed supporters and seek to crush Quebec and root out the "terrorists", the civilized world and the UN would be obliged to respond with peacekeeping forces to ensure stability, ethnic harmony and democracy in what once was Canada, transformed into some Reformacon hellhole of bigotry and chauvinism.

While I'm a very strong republican (no, not the party, you idiots!), I utterly loathe political parties. They are just as bad as monarchy. While naturally people would form factions, we need representatives of the people, in the legislature and the executive branch, who are elected to either maintain whatever part of the status quo benefits Canadians or makes things better.

What I also despise is the idea of the "right" of any part of Canada to secede from Confederation. I wouldn't hesitate to use force of arms myself to preserve the union, regardless of public ballot, the same way I wouldn't hesitate to use force of arms to preserve the republic when, in the future Canadian Republic, Canadians decide to vote against their own interests by voting in favour of establishing a monarchy.

But Can Pat ... that is authoritarian dictatorship!! 'IF' by democratic vote, Newfoundland wanted to leave Confederation .. and a majority of Newfoundlanders voted to do so .. you would use the military to FORCE them to remain in Canada? What!? :(

If in a marriage, one of the partners wants to divorce, surely they have the right to leave .. don't they in your opinion?

Self determination is one of the most sacred aspects of humanity.

I do recall the wave of anglo-chauvinist hysteria in English Canada immediately following the 1995 referendum, living in Vancouver during this period, with headlines in the newspapers spinning tales of a "crime wave from Quebec" replete with tales of criminals from Quebec coming to Vancouver to live off welfare and commit crimes or various other misdeeds, with radio talk show hosts calling for armed intervention against Quebec, with Liberal MP's calling Quebec a fascist state, with Stephane Dion touring English Canada addressing angry crowds intent on either driving Quebec from Canada, armed intervention and a good thrashing before driving Quebec's inhabitants from Canadian soil, or armed intervention and partition of Quebec or some variant thereof.

It may not have been Dion's intent, but when you stir up the mob with dire tales of "evil separatists", there's no telling where their appetites may take them. These are the glory days that Kinsella yearns the Liberal Party to return to judging from his latest contribution.

Such fear-mongering receded over time as the threat itself receded, as new enemies were discovered. Today Reformacon propaganda focuses on the threat of radical Islam and some "muslim crime wave" replete with news coverage of every conspiracy uncovered, immigration scam, real estate fraud, insurance fraud or convenience store robbery attributed to some "muslim threat", but the threat of Quebec separatist bogeymen is always there as a useful contingency in the Reformacon, and it would appear the Liberal, propaganda arsenal.

I beg to differ, LD. There's a huge difference between a divorce and the survival of a country. It is treason to secede, to separate from Canada, and to allow such a madness to happen by any means, democratic or not, would be national suicide, and provinces would use such a formula to hold the national government hostage and bring national government to a standstill out of fear of the country falling apart.

To vote for secession from Canada would be like voting in favour of suppressing gay rights, or if we were to become a republic, in favour of restoring the monarchy. All three of these would be against their interests.

This idea that provinces have the "right" to secede is based on a confederate myth that States have this "right" to secede, as a justification to preserve slavery in the south.

Surely, LD, you'd be in favour of the Confederacy simply because they had the "right" to secede from the United States, which tried to end slavery, in order for slave states to preserve slavery.

If Newfoundland did that . . . absolutely. Same with Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, Nunavut.

If you don't like it here in Canada, get out, but don't take Canada with you.

Sorry boys .. you are advocating authoritarian tyranny. I agree with the words of the American Declaration of Independence which established the Republic to the south of us ... maybe read what they wrote:

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

No one group has a right to FORCE another group to stay within a nation when the majority of that group wishes to depart.

Seriously .. you would kill other 'Canadians' in a civil war rather than allow them to determine their own course of life??????

wow ..

There's the declaration of independence, LD, and then there's the US Constitution. You should also learn a little bit about the America Civil War, my Confederate friend.

They can determine their own course of life as Canadians in Canada and try to make the system better or repair it, not break Canada up into pieces.

In his speech to the National Assembly of Quebec delivered immediately following the death of the Meech Lake accord, Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa declared :
"...English Canada must clearly understand that, no matter what is said or done, Quebec is, today and forever, a distinct society, that is free and able to assume the control of its destiny and development."

Heartfelt sentiments from a federalist Premier of Quebec, who believed he was speaking not merely on behalf of Quebec, but on behalf of French Canada throughout the various territories and provinces, that Quebec constituted the cultural core and soul of French Canada.

I gather from the contributions of most English Canadians, of various political leanings, that the issue is framed around the notion of provinces and provincial rights, of demands from an unruly province constantly challenging federal authority, and not that of a people or society, French Canada as distinct from English Canada, with a separate identity even though this society continues to exist and function within the framework of the Canadian federation. A distinct society seeking its own self-determination, to co-exist if possible within the federation or leave if not.

And such soul-searching has existed throughout the history of Canada, whether to stay or leave, extending from the rebellion of 1837, to the North-West rebellion of Riel, when Metis and French Canadian settlers, seeking to expand their society beyond the confines of Quebec, were crushed and French Canadians either assimilated or driven back to the borders of Quebec. This distinct identity has revealed itself in any major landmark in Canadian history since, from the Boer war to the creation of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, whereby Liberal leader Henri Bourassa broke with the cabinet of Laurier over what he considered betrayal of cultural rights of French Canadians and capitulation to anglo-chauvinist bigotry, by the parliament of Canada, in Manitoba and the territories seeking provincial status. This political and cultural conflict found further expression during the conscription campaigns during both world wars, and has continued since.

So these cultural conflicts and tensions are by no means recent developments, what has changed is that demands for greater autonomy within the Canadian federation voiced by Henri Bourassa and numerous other "federalist" Quebec leaders since has been articulated as "sovereignty-association" or simply "sovereignty" by a number of Quebec Premiers since the election of Rene Levesque in 1976, and they have taken two iniatives since, both failed, to obtain such objective.

Rather than a rational and measured response, many in English Canada have responded with vicious hatred towards French Canada and threats of armed intervention in Quebec, almost psychotic in its intensity. Leftdog is quite correct in comparing the situation to an abusive marriage where one partner heaps constant abuse upon the other, gestures towards the door inviting the other to leave but threatening all sorts of violent reprisal should the other choose such option, and the victim for whatever reason, dependency, sentimental attachment , pyschological conditioning, fear or mental imbalance due to years of abuse, cannot find the determination to take the door. Hardly a healthy development. Keep in mind the neighbours in the outside world are watching such developments and shaking their heads, wondering whether it may be time to intervene.

Such for instance was the political and constitutional contribution of Liberals such as Stephane Dion towards such developments, unable to convince fellow Quebecers of the virtues of such a relationship and persuade them to remain within Canada with promises of constitutional reform, he chose to demonize the separatists, stoking the flames of anglo-Canadian hysteria throughout English Canada even after the PQ had lost the second referendum, calculating, in connivance with the bigots of Reform, that if federalists could not persuade Quebec to remain within Confederation, they would do their utmost to create obstacles so that Quebec could not freely leave, if it so chooses.... It is hardly surprising that Dion's reputation in Quebec suffered greatly given his association with anglo-chauvinist hysteria in English Canada, to the extent that he was not favoured in Quebec as a "native son" as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, with little support in his leadership campaign within the Quebec Liberal caucus.

Notwithstanding all the talk of knavery and constitutional abuses under Harper, contempt for Parliament, Canadian institutions and political fair play - all true by the way - you may want to keep in mind that such knavery and meddling was raised to a fine art under Trudeau, producing a Canadian equivalent to a Watergate scandal, using the RCMP to spy on his political opponents as for instance Operation Bricole in 1972 or Operation Ham in 1973, breaking into the offices of the PQ to steal their membership lists - which came to light during various Commision enquiries in Quebec into various RCMP misdeeds and abuses, unfortunately not pursued all the way to the Prime Ministers Office, to outright manipulation and political interference during the first referendum campaign, where it was revealed that the referendum's chief architect, Claude Morin of the PQ, was in fact a mole and spy for the RCMP. Some fair playing field indeed, if such had occurred under Harper's watch rather than Trudeau's, you could well imagine the outcry... Which does not excuse the Harper Conservatives for their own misdeeds, but merely places Kinsella's ongoing polemic against Mulcair and Quebec "separatists" under a new light, as a continuation of the Liberal's past dirty deeds.

And then you have curious acts of "domestic terrorism" such as the attempted bombing of grocery chain magnate Sam Steinberg's house in 1974, during which hapless RCMP operative and fall guy Robert Samson was arrested minus some fingers at a Montreal hospital after the bomb exploded prematurely during its attempted planting. While the RCMP claimed the bombing was "not sanctioned" , as opposed presumably to other acts of domestic terror which were, at his trial the hapless Corporal Samson admitted he had done "much worse" on behalf of the RCMP. Now who, pray tell, do you believe were the intended perpetrators of this aborted act of terror? Perhaps Kinsella can somehow weave this into his narrative on the dangers of Mulcair's flirtation with "separatism".

It almost veers into comedy, such as the barn burning scandal of May 6, 1972, wherein RCMP operatives in a politically "sanctioned" act of arson, burned down a barn owned by Paul Rose's mother in Sainte Anne de la Rochelle, Quebec, claiming in their defence that they had failed to convince a judge to allow them to wiretap the alleged meeting place where known "separatists" were planning to meet with members of the Black Panthers from the United States. This one should have Reformacons in an uproar of indignation, as known separatists of the FLQ who played dirty and disregarded the rules of democracy, as did their nemesis Trudeau and his RCMP operatives - unlike the law-abiding pequistes - later resurfaced in Cuba, as did Black Panther militants on the lam from the FBI, as did Trudeau himself. As an aside on the latter tale of one Black Panther militant still seeking refuge from FBI pursuit on the island of Cuba, eager Reformacons are scrambling over each other in an attempt to beat Dog the Bounty Hunter in collecting the reward offered.

But back to Trudeau, he apparently showed such little concern for the Soviet threat during the heady days of the cold war that he could reconcile differences with the Soviets easily enough, despite the nuclear arsenal threatening mutual destruction to both sides, but so obsessed was Trudeau with the threat of Quebec "separatists" that he considered the otherwise genial Levesque and company to constitute "the" major threat to safety and security on this planet. Talk about obsession - now we can turn the floor over to Kinsella to expand further on the "separatist threat".

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