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Thursday, June 13, 2013 

I have to take a shot at Justin Trudeau over his earlier interpretation of Lib Senator Marc Harb's troubles ...

Progressive Bloggers  

Last weekend, in an interview with Global News, Trudeau suggested that Harb's troubles were "an honest mistake or a misunderstanding of the rules."

"For me, there’s a real difference between what Mac Harb is going through and what Senators Duffy and Wallin seem to have on their plate," he said adding that Harb could be allowed back into the Liberal fold once the matter is cleared.

Unfortunately for taxpayers AND for the Liberal Party Leader, Senator Harb's situation is far, far worse than poor old Justin anticipated .....

Senator Mac Harb owes $231K in expenses

 H/T to Whatever.com

Apparently Trudeau doesn't grasp the seriousness of fraud and corruption scandals affecting all levels of government, from federal to provincial to municipal - and that in itself is noteworthy given that all three levels are headline news daily in his province of residence. Given his latest statement concerning a possible "honest mistake or misunderstanding of the rules" by Senator Mac Harb, one wonders when Trudeau is going to issue a pardon to Alfonso Gagliano and welcome him back into the Liberal fold.

The latest fraud scandal involving former Chretien loyalist and Liberal MP Mac Harb is hardly a departure from previous corrupt and unethical behaviour on his part. His Senate appointment by Chretien in 2003 was apparently a reward for participation in past Chretien and Gagliano-inspired corruption and bribery schemes going back to 1998 involving Canada Post, CIDA foreign aid funds, SNC-Lavalin, Harb, Gagliano and former billionaire real estate developer and Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri in dubious financial ventures, ostensibly a 12 year contract to modernize Lebanon's postal system, including CIDA investment in one Fondation Hariri involving "interest free loans" in excess of US $ 122 million, ultimately un-collectible, which may be otherwise deemed as free tuition to Lebanese students attending Canadian universities during that period. SNC-Lavalin sold its interest in the project in 2001 after incurring large losses, whereas Harb and Gagliano's involvement in such fiascos demonstrates the same level of business sense and ethical behaviour as Chretien's ill-fated Shawinigan hotel scheme.

Well said! Thanks for refreshing my memory on these numerous Liberal sins of the past.

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