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Monday, July 22, 2013 

After Confusing Mixed Messages From Premier Wall, Sask NDP Want Him To Bring 'Abolish Senate' Action To Premiers Meeting

Progressive Bloggers  

"NDP Leader Cam Broten is calling on the premier to commit to a provincial resolution to abolish the Senate and urge the other provinces to do the same while meeting with Canada’s premiers this week.

"The NDP has long wanted to abolish the Senate and roll up the red carpet. I am pleased that the premier has come to our position on this, but the Opposition is concerned that his walk doesn't appear to match his talk,” said Broten. “We want him to go to the first ministers' meeting and show that Saskatchewan means business, rather than waffling on this issue. Saskatchewan can and should be a leader in working to abolish the unelected, unaccountable and expensive Senate.”

Broten said that the NDP is prepared to lead, and will introduce a Senate abolition resolution in Saskatchewan if the premier fails to during the fall session of the legislature. Broten has already committed to introduce a bill to repeal the premier's pro-Senate act in the fall.

Broten said he welcomes a cooperative approach with the government in order to pass a resolution for a constitutional amendment.

“I will work with government when what it’s doing makes sense,” said Broten. “What I’m hearing from families is that they want this government to take action now to stop the $100 million-a-year waste of their money.”

Saskatchewan New Democratic Caucus 

-'Brad Wall takes a step back from bold leadership position on Senate abolition' - John Ivison

-"Opposition NDP urges Saskatchewan Party to introduce Senate abolition resolution" - MetroNews 

International President of the American Federation of Musicians gave his keynote address at the AFM convention today in Las Vegas. Wish the NDP would invite him to speak at the next convention...all about speaking with one voice, one message, instead of every little group pushing its own agenda. The new push on Wall is encouraging, but until the NDP gets its message down to a few easily understandable lines, which resonate with ALL people, there will be no elections won. Period.

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