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Monday, August 05, 2013 

Vets outraged as federal lawyers argue Ottawa has no social obligation to soldiers ...

Progressive Bloggers  

"Think back to every time you heard a Conservative backbench MP beat the drum, wrap themselves in the flag and denounce the opposition as traitors for not "supporting the troops" when they were being sent to Kandahar."
Charlie Angus
New Democrat Member of Parliament 

"At least one veterans group promises to campaign against the Harper Conservatives because of a stand taken by federal lawyers, who argue the country holds no extraordinary social obligation to ex-soldiers. The lawyers, fighting a class-action lawsuit in British Columbia, asked a judge to dismiss the court action filed by injured Afghan veterans, saying Ottawa owes them nothing more than what they have already received under its controversial New Veterans Charter.

The stand drew an incendiary reaction from veterans advocates, who warned they are losing patience with the Harper government, which has made supporting the troops one of its political battle cries
Mike Blais, president of Canadian Veterans Advocacy, told a Parliament Hill news conference that since the First World War, the federal government has recognized it has a “sacred obligation” to veterans — and that notion was abandoned with the adoption of the veterans charter by the Conservatives."
The Globe & Mail

These Conservative bozos may claim to be religious, but nothing is sacred to them, except perhaps the almighty $.

Dog, I know this from a lifetime of personal experience surrounding a horribly wounded WWII infantry officer. As quickly as they fade from the public consciousness they disappear from the political radar. At that point they usually have to fight, tooth and nail, for what is their due. In past the fight was somewhat easier because Liberal and Progressive Conservative governments never denied the country's ongoing obligation to our damaged servicemen.

Let me tell you something else from a great deal of personal experience. The true measure of damage these guys have sustained often doesn't become fully apparent for decades. They live with that until they die and they take their chances until their final breath. Even their families often don't know how badly they've been beaten up until it becomes apparent with old age.

One example of several I could offer up. When my Dad hit 80 his doctors said he needed his gall-bladder out. No problem, routine surgery - the whole deal 90 minutes start to finish.

Once they opened Dad up they discovered that German shrapnel had done its work, slicing and dicing, and a number of his internals, including his gall bladder and liver, had fused. That meant to remove the gall bladder they had to section the liver. He was on the table almost eleven hours, nearly died twice on the table and twice later in recovery as his blood pressure failed and his heart began racing like the hammers of hell.

No social obligation. Seriously, people who can say that much less argue that in court against these mangled veterans really deserve to be hauled off to the nearest lightpost.

Even during the dark days,
Liberals understood, when you take a bullet for the country, you will be made as whole as possible.

six members of my family, served in WW2. My one brother picked shrapnel out of himself, all his life. Just before he passed. A piece of shrapnel came through one eye and blinded him.

Harper says, he has no obligation to the military. Too bad for them if they need to be treated, for the ravages of war.

However. Harper displays Fascist tendencies.
Aug 13/2012

Harper's private army.
Aug 1/2013

Harper is the worst corrupt and evil P.M. in, the recorded history of Canada

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