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Friday, October 04, 2013 

Are Stephen Harper And The Conservatives Working With The Tea Party Republicans To Have Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Be Part Of Blackmail Demands Against President Obama?

Progressive Bloggers    

OTTAWA - An anti-Keystone XL pipeline crusader has written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, suggesting Canada's aggressive lobbying for the project played a part in the ongoing government shutdown south of the border.

Tom Steyer, a San Francisco billionaire and a major Democratic party fundraiser, chastises Harper for saying he would not "take 'no' for an answer" from U.S. President Barack Obama on TransCanada's Keystone XL.

In a question-and-answer session with the Canadian American Business Council last week in New York, Harper took a hard line on how Canada would respond if the Keystone XL project is rejected by the White House.

"My view is you don't take 'no' for an answer," Harper said. "This won't be final until it's approved and we will keep pushing forward."

Steyer takes issue with those comments in his letter to the prime minister."

"Have your government, your government’s lobbyist and/or agents representing TransCanada communicated with House Republicans about including Keystone in the original litany of demands put to President Obama?"
Tom Steyer  

Canadian Press / National Newswatch

-Bloomberg: 'Steyer Links Harper Keystone Lobbying to U.S. Shutdown'

I have no doubt at all that the Rt disHonourable Stephen Harper is working with Republican/Teabaggers to lobby the POTUS for the approval of the Keystone XL. Various cabinet members have been in Washington and New York connecting with US business leaders and government officials. Also, Harper's constituency is in Alberta oil country so he has a vested economic interest. Harper has said in various ways that he doubts climate change.

Thanks for putting this link on Politics Plus where I 'live'.

Hi Lynn! Politics Plus is a great site on American Politics and TomCat is my good buddy!! Thanks!

Glad to hear that you 2 are buddies. I am a Canuck in BC but spend a lot of time at PP because so much of what happens in the US affects us here, north of the 49th. Actually TC has authorised me to post articles to PP, one of 2 people other than him, but it has been a while. Have bookmarked your blog. Thanks

I get TC to do guest blog posts here during US Presidential elections!! Say Hi to him when you chat next!

Hey Dawg!! I have told Lynn more than ones that when it comes to Canada, you are the place to come.

The Dawg leaves no Harper's Harlot fleas unscratched!!

The thing about US TEAbaggers is that most are such sheeple they believe it, when they are told to think and say that nobody tells them what to think and say, so they just goose-step in whatever direction Big Money points them, and there's a lot of Big Money in Big Oil.

The shutdown is at the "We've got to get something, even if we don't know what it is!" stage, and I bet they'd love to come away with Keystone XL, which I, of course strongly oppose.

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