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Thursday, November 07, 2013 

Former PM Joe Clark's New Book Accurately Describes Stephen Harper's 'Adolescent' Administration ...

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"Canada now talks more than we act, and our tone is almost adolescent … full of sound and fury," 
Joe Clark
Former Prime Minister of Canada

"In a recent excerpt of the new book (it comes out this week) in the Toronto Star, Clark claims that, with the exceptions of Afghanistan and trade, there has been a recurring pattern in the Harper government actions: "It is unusually assertive in its dramatic gestures and declarations," but then retreats from actions designed to actually resolve critical problems abroad.

That why Canada has "drawn back from the fight against international poverty, peacekeeping, Kyoto, arms control, a broad presence in Africa, and Canada's customary leadership in the United Nations, Commonwealth and related multilateral institutions."
"Canada now talks more than we act, and our tone is almost adolescent … full of sound and fury," which leaves us wondering what Harper considers the purpose of foreign policy.
Even on the domestic front, Clark notes, Harper's locked-down style keeps him clear of federal-provincial conferences and close working relations with other governments.[...] "Ideology doesn't need analysis, and if you have the answers you don't need questions, and that's where we are these days,"


It wasn't Harper rejecting the U.N. It was the U.N. Security Council banned Harper a seat.

The UN had asked Harper to join 60 other countries, to refer Syria to the ICC, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper point blank refused.

ICC said they found Harper guilty of, stonewalling and blocking their investigation on, the torture of the Detainee's.

Louis Moreno-Ocampo was Chief prosecutor of ICC at that time. He was thinking Harper should be arrested for, war crimes and crimes against humanity as well. Harper may have broken, the Geneva Convention.

Other countries detest Harper's bullying and his hissy fits, when he doesn't get his own way. Harper indeed is worse than an adolescent. Harper's sulks? He is very famous for his childish snits.

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