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Monday, November 18, 2013 

Yuck! Another Foul Odour Is Coming From The PMO .. This One Smells Like Robo-Calls Coverup

"At the same time as some Conservative party staffers allege meeting with Michael Sona and reporting that he told them of his involvement in the robocalls controversy in the riding of Guelph, travel records show that Sona was vacationing on the island of Aruba. Sona is charged with violating the Elections Act in a controversy stemming from the 2011 election wherein robocalls directed voters to the wrong polling stations.[...] Elections Canada has heard complaints of dirty tricks in the 2011 election from over 200 ridings. Many of the grievances don’t amount to much, sources say, but a substantial number are thought to be of a serious nature. A source with knowledge of the Elections Canada probe said investigators are handicapped because they are being blocked from gaining access to Conservative party records.  As a result, he said there is only a small chance of charges beyond those against Sona being laid" 

[...] Sona has denied the charge against him and has told reporters he is being framed and set up as the fall guy for an attempted vote–rigging operation by the Conservatives that, he says, went far beyond the riding of Guelph. The Conservatives deny any role in orchestrating such a scheme. Guy Giorno, former chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, called any such action would be “despicable.”

Records show Sona on a beach when Conservatives claim he confessed to robocalls  - iPolitics

'Guy Giorno, former chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, called any such action would be “despicable.”'

Yeah, that's one reason we're pretty sure you guys did it. Any time a "despicable" political act happens these days, chances are it was Harpercons wot dunnit.

.. the potential is here.. to leave the PMO/Senate and Duffy/Wright scandal in the dust ..

Surprisingly, most of the cast of dubious Harper characters is missing in action.

Instead, Arthur Hamilton is revealed.. whether acting for his Firm, his Party of choice, or the Government.. is clearly unclear. He seems almost robotic in that he appears whenever & wherever there is a nasty stink near Stephen Harper.. That makes him a busy.. highly billing partner.

The sense of a great Nixonian crash and burn, but with Stephen Harper at the epicenter, keeps gathering. Black Swan Event ?? Duffy put Harper on his knees.. Sona could knock Harper right out of the ring ..

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