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Tuesday, April 03, 2018 

Mr. Singh .. Perhaps Consider Leaving Before You Take The New Democratic Party Down With Your Amateurish Attempts At Leadership

I'm losing confidence in Jagmeet Singh

"Singh has also left Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir twisting in the wind for two months after suspending him from party duties based on a vague email allegation by a fellow caucus member".
"More Risk Than Reward"

.. my understanding is ..
Singh won the federal NDP 'leadership' race
the same way Patrick Brown won the Ontario CPC
'leadership' race.. by outselling all others
at signing up members.. and ensuring they voted for him

Not sure where the 'leadership' got attached
seemed more like hustle and salesmanship

I aint partisan any way shape or form
though I hated the 10 year Harper assault
upon Canada.. that was hurtful

Singh seems vague.. lots of flowery talk
Patrick Brown has evaporated or exploded
Harper is a millionaire

Mr. Singh isn't going anywhere. This is his next stepping stone. He will most likely cause some M.P.s to leave the party and re make it in his "image". If Trudeau becomes unpopular, and Scheer is a non starter for voters, I'm sure Mr. Singh thinks he can become the next Jack Layton. Unfortunately he doesn't have the personality Mr. Layton had. This will not end well for the NDP because Mr. Singh isn't showing a lot of leadership right now. Suspending an M.P. isn't a good way to make your mark unless you are trying to get rid of people you don't like. I suspect Mr. Singh is way out of his league. He may have sold the most memberships but will those people vote NDP at the polls next time or did he get a lot of federal Liberals to give him a hand to the leadership.

The way Erin has been treated is dusguisting. I'd trade Singh for Erin Weir in a heart beat, Singh has only had one good moment so far on that French show and has been really disappointing since he won. Like if Trudeau hadn't been an even greater disaster we'd be absolutely screwed already.

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