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Monday, March 13, 2006 

Harper's Military Move

When President Bush first went into Iraq without U.N. support and without any evidence of weapons of mass destruction, Stephen Harper mused that we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with the U.S.A. Canadians wanted no part of Iraq. As we can see, Iraq is quicksand and Bush is in up to his neck.

So while Stephen Harper wasn't able to get Canada into a fight in Iraq, he seems to have achieved something like that in Afganistan. I find it note worthy that our first aggressive military operation has been code named 'Peacekeeper'. That will make the folks back home feel more comfortable I am sure.

So what is Harper up to with his military strategy? Is it based on Republican ideology? Is it based on his vision of a 'war economy' being good for Canadian business.

Jack Layton has called for a full debate in the House of Commons on the nature of our mission, the timetable, budget implications and human resource commitment. If we are so anxious to bring democratic process to Afganistan, why is Harper so afraid to exercise it at home?

With the decisions the head dip has made lately, I don't think we should be turning to Jack for any advice. Should we invite the Taliban over to discuss our Military strategy as well?

What the HELL are you talking about?

Harper didn't put our troops into Afghanistan. JEAN CHRETIEN did. They were sent there by the Liberals as soldiers, not as peacekeepers. They have always been there with offensive operations in mind.

How is it Harper's war all of the sudden? He is carrying out a commitment which was started by the previous government. Plain and simple. Canada's role in Afghanistan has not changed since he took over.

Liberals had no problem with the war in Afghanistan in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005, but now that Harper is in charge all of the sudden its not Canadas war? Huh??

Oh, and its Stephen, not Steven.

Oh, and BTW, Canada's first major "aggressive" operation was called "Operation Anaconda".

It happened in March 2002, 4 years ago.

Sorry to pee on your anti-Harper parade...

Pete - spelling changed to Stephen (thanks).

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