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Monday, June 12, 2006 

CBC Chickens Out on Douglas Movie

After much whinning and bleating from those purporting to be defenders of 'Jimmy Gardiner' , officials at the CBC have now stated that they are pulling 'Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story from further broadcast on the publically owned network.

It is very clear that many of the loudest critics against the film are also the same folks who are constantly striving to demonize publically funded health care. (All the usual suspects like 'smalldeadanimals' - 'Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party' - 'Canadian Taxpayers Federation').

It makes you wonder if they will be pulling all docu-dramas if someone complains...?

I want to post words from Tommy Douglas himself concerning Jimmy Gardiner. This quote comes from: Recollections of a Parliamentarian - T.C. Douglas

"I found there are two classes of people you meet in politics. There are those with whom you can remain friends despite political differences. Then there are those who, if you attack them in the cut and thrust of debate, will go around nursing their wounds. I tried to follow a very simple maxim; be friendly with anyone who wanted to be friendly and leave alone those who wanted to be left alone. Jimmy Gardiner, for example, was a fierce debater and a very courageous little man. But like so many such persons, he did not like to get it back. I had some real battles with him. He would hardly speak to me unless he absolutely had to.

When I was Premier of Saskatchewan I had occasion to visit France to unveil a monument near Dieppe, where so many men of the South Saskatchewan Regiment were killed. I was about to leave on Sunday evening when someone told me Mr. Gardiner's son was buried about six miles from there. I wanted to visit his grave but it was very hard to get there. The military attaché at the Canadian embassy in Paris, Colonel Alan Chambers, was with me. He arranged for an airplane, some wreaths and a piper. At five o'clock the next morning we flew in, laid the wreaths and put on a bit of a military parade. Sometime later I was in Ottawa for a federal-provincial conference. I went for a haircut and there, sitting next to me, was Jimmy Gardiner. I nodded to him but he looked straight ahead. He finished first and paid his bill. I could see him standing at the door struggling. Finally he turned around and came over. He put out his hand and said, "I want to thank you for what you did for the boy." We eventually came to be quite good friends; but sometimes it takes a long while for the resentment of the debates to break down.

In a democratic society you not only have the right to say what you think but you must also give your opponent the same right and not hold personal resentment because you disagree with him. A pluralistic society depends on differences and diversity. A society in which everybody thinks alike, looks alike and speaks alike would be about as dull and deadly as you could imagine."

Tommy Douglas
Father of Medicare

Lol, A great man. I wish I could hold myself to the same standards but GOD I HATE CONSERVATIVES!!! ;)

You aren't the only one. Problem with modern conservatives is how totally DISHONEST they are. They will say whatever they have to in order to win power.

Man, I live in Nova Scotia home of John Hamm's famous dissapearing Tax Cut trick, so I know exactly what you mean.

Hey could I possibly join your team? I've found myself not posting enough to maintain my own blog anymore, but I do post every once in a while so that'd be more suited towards a compilation blog where I wouldn't be the soul contributor. You can check out my style here


LOL, Hey look a clown! I didn't know the circus was in town Dog!

Blessed be the the word of our lord, our gospel, Tommy Douglas.


Why don't you load up the range rover with a couple of cases of poland springs and head to the summer home? Leave us working stiffs the fuck alone.

Thanks for the quotation, fellow canine. I had the privilege of meeting Tommy two or three times--once, as a wet, cold demonstrator outside the US Consultate in Montreal. We'd been there for days, sleeping on the sidewalk at night, picketing during the day--all about Selma, Alabama, and the widening of the Vietnam war. Around midnight, a car stopped, and Tommy himself came out to greet us, shake hands and talk for a bit.

The CBC under Stursberg is circling the bowl, alas. Perhaps this has all been scripted?

Hey moneybags.... hasn't the CTF fired you over there yet??? I see you are off your medication again.

Leftdog, after a comment like that from Tommy, it's really hard to justify the depiction of Jimmy Gardiner in the movie.

From what I understand, if you dig into the old Hansard (Legislative transcripts) from the 40's - Gardiner frequently called the CCF 'reds' 'commies' 'bolsheviks' - I simply do not see why there are so many crocodile tears for Gardiner. This whole debate IS all about anti-medicare folks using this to slam Douglas (and by connection) publically funded health care. Otherwise why would there be so many 'conservatives' defending a former Liberal premier??

It is funny how the left lauds Douglas, he who advocated free health care (unless you were a "subnormal" (his words), in which case he only advocated forced steralization) in that case he just wanted to segregate them into their own communities.

"By segregation we mean the location of this class in a community by themselves, where the physical, mental, and moral effects listed above would no longer affect the community… Another advantage of such a segregation would be that they would become less of a public burden."

I think he was talking about the CTF

No - no I am certain he was referring to the CTF - (you know those extreme rightwing nuts who are lobbying endlessly to ensure that NO corporations pay taxes (including property taxes but expecially any type of income tax). They envision a world where only wage earners carry the entirel weight of taxation in this nation. The CTF is a dinosaurus entity the carefully guards their contributors lists. They WILL NOT sell you a membership in their group - you cannot attend any kind of accountability meeting. Their staff speak for the organization and you never hear from a president or other elected official of the federation. Pretty phony bunch with clearly defined and very insidious reasons for existence. Beware of them!!

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