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Sunday, September 03, 2006 

Calling Everyone a Nazi

Jeffery Ewener has a good article in today’s Toronto Star documenting political overuse of the word 'NAZI' recently. Comments by Parliamentary Secretary Jason Kenney and senior Cabinet Minister Stockwell Day show a complete lack of historical knowledge or perspective.

Ongoing minimization of what the Nazi's were and what they did is a trivialization that has to be challenged.


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Lapierre's Nazi analogy inappropriate, Jewish groups say
Last Updated Mon, 05 Dec 2005 20:51:01 EST
CBC News
Canadian Jewish groups said Monday it was "inappropriate" and "incomprehensible" for Liberal MP Jean Lapierre to use a Nazi analogy to criticize comments made by the leader of the Bloc Québécois

"Like all comparisons, it's true in some ways and not in others," the PM said, "but as near as I can tell, both Hezbollah and the Nazi Party stand for the elimination of the Jewish nation. So I think that's pretty fundamental, and in that sense I don't think it's unfair.


What's missing in the article is who's calling who a Nazi. It's most offensive to me when neo-cons use it to describe it's opponents.

I strongly believe the left has to take back what's theirs. The blogging tories have taken on terrorism (see terrorism-watch) as there main "hook" to spin every issue; but "fascism" is ours.

Anyone who comprehends fascism must admit that there are a lot more reasons to call neo-cons (including their Canadian Conservative friends) the new fascists than THEM calling OTHERS fascists.

Here are a few of the symptoms of fascism; extreme nationalism (patriotism), struggle between races (us against the a-rabs), corporatism, populist fascist rhetoric (Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush), just to name a few.

Remember the Nazis? During the war they had their camps (Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib) and used their nazi doctors (waterboarding etc) to get people to speak. Killing people in those camps today is "not done" (thanks to progress!) but that doesn't mean nobody dies either.

To keep things short; it's time for progressive bloggers to stand up and USE terms to describe what's going on; neo-conservatives are the new neo-fascists, only this time they come with a smile (compare pictures of Hitler, Mussolini, Bush and Harper and you'll see what I mean).

The web is OUR tool. It's cheap, it's non-profit (at least for bloggers it is) and it's democratic (everybody has a voice).

North American media is conservative in its nature; it's big business with big influence. The web is OUR tool. It's cheap, it's non-profit (at least for bloggers it is) and it's democratic (everybody has a voice).

Bloggers are already making a big difference. But we have to use a similar one-liner strategy to bring our points accross, based on our own nuanced rationale. Bush and Harper have shown that it works. Now it's our turn.

Let me know what you think.

Erik, I have concluded that the problem with messages from the Left is that we seem to believe that if we can JUST construct appropriate arguments, we can win individuals on the Right over to our way of seeing things.

I no longer believe that.

We are dealing with a world view that is twisted out of all recognition with anything that is reality. They have no regard for historical perspective.

New media like the internet, blogs, news talk radio formats have allowed 'uninformed' opinion to hold the same weight in a discussion that 'informed' opinion holds.

I no longer believe that.

The web can be OUR tool; it's the most democratic tool out there.

Fascism can be OUR message.

We have to take on the right; there's no choice.

Unless you've got some other ideas....

I guess I have just become somewhat discouraged. Actually you are correct, we should make the new media our own. While I doubt if I can shake the beliefs of the hardcore Right, we are all playing for the hearts and minds of average Canadians.

''So calling people a Nazi is only bad when Liberals do it?

Wislon you are a pathetic hypocrite.''

Sorry, I left the NDP out:
The Saskatchewan Party says it wants more heads to roll over an NDP cartoon depicting its leader as a Nazi guard loading people onto railcars.


It seems to be a fav of all political parties !

''I have concluded that the problem with messages from the Left is that we seem to believe that if we can JUST construct appropriate arguments, we can win individuals on the Right over to our way of seeing things.

I no longer believe that.''

NDP is the Heart and Conservatives the Head of the Canadian political body.
Not that NDP doesn't have a head, nor Conservatives heartless. It's just a matter of which they use first, and then temper that with the other. Neither are wrong, just different.
PMSH, tempered with the NDP will work. If the Cons make Jack a promise, it will be kept.

You must remember that the left only thinks it speaks for the majority of Canadians.
While you gloat about the weight your "informed"opinion holds,and your high regard for historical perspective,the right will be making the tough decisions and doing the hard work,to ensure your freedom to speak such nonsense.

only 1/3 of Canadians voted for Harper and his party is falling in the polls. You will be out of power in a short while.

NO! Stockwell Day is a Minister of Her Majesties Government - he is no longer like an average citizen walking down the street - when your guys RUN for office and GET elected, their status changes - they are not little right wing snipers running around anymore! They are Members of The Executive Council of the Government of Canada!

Please explain to me where the NDP will benefit from having the Cons out of gov't?
That would mean that the Libs would be back in. (don't kid yourself)
The NDP battle cry ''13 years of broken promises''
and after 8 months you want them back????

All that 'making government work'' is just Dipper bs???

I vote NDP but I don't speak for them. Clearly the NDP Caucus and Jack are trying to make Parliament work - you have to remember that I am NOT a Harper fan and 'I' want him gone.

The Liberals needed to be taken out of power because of the corruption that was evident in the ABSCAM scandal.

As an individual - I believe that there all alternatives to war have to be examined. Harper was too quick to encourage what happened with Lebanon.

Deep down, I do not consider Harper to be leading a 'Conservative' government. Canada has a Reform Party Government.

Anyway I want him gone - I don't speak for the NDP.

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