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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

Calgary Stampeders BAN Saskatchewan Gopher From Game

UNBELIEVABLE! The Calgary Stampeders and the management of McMahon Stadium are preparing for the Western Semi-final of the Canadian Football League (CFL) to be played this weekend in Calgary.

But what is this! They have BANNED the beloved mascot of the Saskatchewan Roughriders from the park!

Gainer the Gopher has been blacklisted from attending the game and the Rider Nation is OUTRAGED! This is an INSULT! This is INSANITY!

You HAVE NOT heard the last of this - believe me!!!

(Outraged I say!!)

Gopher Banned in Calgary

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Doesn't really matter though. Whoever wins is just gonna lose to us(the Lions) the next weekend. ;)

Oh, this is just tooooooooo ridiculous! Banning a mascot from a playoff game makes it sound like the Stamps are afraid of losing!


The wittle Wuffwidas can't pway wivout their wittle gopher? Too bad! You have no hope anyways, our boys are going to be doing so many touchdown dances you won't know what hit you. You'd need more than a man dressed in a gopher suit... much, much more.

Good stuff lance!!! What Olaf and the stamp fans DO NOT KNOW is that they are messing with RIDER FANS! And whether a RIDER fan is left, right, green or Lib - we ALL are in total allegience to the RIDER NATION!
(they are gonna learn NOT to mess with that)!

berlynn - you ROCK!!

It's like a religion, apparently...

we are always willing to initiate you into the sacred mysteries of the Big Green Machine.

Go Riders!

Why thanks, leftdog! I bleed green and white come playoff time, unlike my bro and my mom, who bleed it pretty much year round.

But I'm the leftie in the family and, well, you know how much work we have to do these days, keeping a watch on those Cons and the right-turning SK NDP and all!

But back to football...all together now,

Green is the colour
Football is the game
We're all together...

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