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Tuesday, November 28, 2006 

Bush Says Iraq Is NOT Civil War

President Bush said Tuesday that the sectarian violence rocking Iraq is not civil war but part of an al Qaeda plot to use violence to goad Iraqi factions into repeatedly attacking each other.

Add this to the list of other nonsensical things that George Bush believes. Remember, he also believed that Donald Rumsfeld was doing a good job. He also believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. George W. believes a lot of things that are NOT true.

The White House refuses to acknowledge what is actually happening in Iraq. At least Bush is consistent at being wrong.

CBS News

Okay, it's not civil war, let's run with that for a minute.

If it's not civil war (e.g. the country fighting itself), then we must conclude that Bush's tactics in Iraq have failed utterly to provide the nation with the liberation and freedom he claimed to be bringing with Saddam Hussein's ouster.

Will this never end? Apparently there is no limit to this man's stupidity. I have never in my life seen anyone so clueless about foreign policy, and what's even scarier is the freaking voters here voted him in not once but twice!!! I'm living in retardo land.

Does he not get that Al-Qaeda does indeed have involvement with certain factions in Iraq and that yes, they among others are fueling the CIVIL WAR or is he hoping we are so retarded that we don't get this.

He probably has forgotten that WE were the ones that opened the door for them to move in too. Probably won't matter either way after Al-Sadr brings the Maliki government crashing down. Our plan? As of yesterday it was to arrest or kill Al-Sadr. Oh yes, now THAT will REALLY quell the unrest.

In the meantime all h*** is going to break loose in Afghanistan (yes, worse than it already has) but hey, no worries, we left that to the Canadians to deal with.

The bloodbath hasn't even gone full swing yet, just wait. I want to be wrong, you have no idea how much I want to be wrong but so far that just has not been happening.

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