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Friday, November 24, 2006 

History Will Show Bush as Worst President

Many people consider Richard Nixon to be the worst American President in modern history. His infamous Watergate affair, the escalation of the War in Vietnam, topped off with the shooting of unarmed students at Kent State University in 1970 certainly qualify him.

In his favour, history will show that his bold trip to China to meet with Mao Tse Tung changed history and started China on a path of concilliation with the west.

Nixon left office in disgrace, but was he the worst President?

Let's take a look at current President, George W. Bush.

His fundamentalist beliefs have endangered the planet. He welcomes Armagedon as an article of his faith. He has stated that he believes he is being directed divinely. (God talks to me). How insane is that?

His cavalier war in Iraq is causing untold suffering and it was based entirely on what he 'felt' and what he 'believed.' Never once did rational intellect enter the picture.

By signing the Military Commissions Act, he has done away with rights that Americans have had since 1776. He continues to screw up every day of his presidency.

I would like to officially nominate George W. Bush as the worst President in the entire history of the USA.

Is there a 'seconder'?

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I don't think those are decent enough reasons to say he is the worst president. Surely he is a bad president, but most presidents weren't all that good at their jobs.

Take all of the death and suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan since Bush took office back in 2000 and multiply it by 1,000 and thats the sort of suffering caused under the Clinton regime. Clinton went into Somalia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, and Luanda all saw far worst fatalities.... and Clinton is one of the better presidents.

If we are to say that Bush is a bad president simply because of his foreign policy its rather distorted. America's foreign policy has basically always been what Bush is doing, there is no discontinuity in history in this respect.

Herbert Hoover is often called the worst president because his economic policies were all failures.

Some call Nixon the worst president because he curtailed human rights, wiretapped political opponents, and was so paranoid he created a death list.

To say Bush will be the worst in history means standing up to a lot. History rarely judges presidents based on the wars they start . Abraham Lincoln is not known as being the person to start the Civil War but instead as the liberator of blacks. Everyone remembers Truman for dropping the bomb, not for starting the Korean Conflict. Everyone remembers Kennedy for being assasinated, not for starting the Vietnam War. Does anyone really remember that Clinton went to war with Yugoslavia? Of course not people remember that he had sex with his intern and was a part of the biggest economic boom in American history.

So how will Bush be rated in history? Bad, but I wouldn't say nearly as bad as some of these guys.... people have a habit of making heroes out of former leaders, look at Trudeau for the liberals and Mulroney for the conservatives.... both despicable characters who exercised dictator-like attitudes and yet appreciated as great ideologes.

I'll second that motion. Yes, he has been the worst for so many reasons in addition to those you mention I couldn't even begin to list them.

Before you're rightie guests go off on a "shut up you stupid liberal rant" I'd like to add that although I did not at all like Nixon and in most ways found him appalling he was far from being the "worst", of course he also had Kissinger..nuff said. Much as I admire Jimmy Carter as a humanitarian and just a plain old-fashioned decent human being he was a terrible president, partially because he got 0 cooperation from congress but also due to his idealism at the expense of pragmatism. It's great to be a good person but more effective if one takes some harsh realities into account.

For the folks who would even compare Clinton to Bush in the same breath...there is nothing to say, I cannot teach pigs to sing.

I'll nominate him for "second worst" president - there's always room for improvement...

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