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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 

Liberals Fail To Address Ethics Problem During Leadership Race

OTTAWA – NDP MP Pat Martin is condemning the Liberal Leadership candidates for virtually ignoring ethics during the Liberal leadership race.

A poll released this week found that 50% of Liberal voters believe that the Liberal Party is arrogant or corrupt,” said Martin. “And after ten months of watching the Liberal race we have seen no plan from any of the candidates to clean up politics.”

Leftdog's Diary

On the contrary, every candidate is dead set on the Liberals ousting Harper's ethically-challenged government from power, despite Jack Layton's seeming desire to keep Harper in power.

You are obviously one of those unrepentent Liberals who won't acknowledge that things happened that should not have happened during your watch.

Jack Layton was totally correct when he asked voters to park their vote with the NDP while the Liberals fixed themselves.

You can pretend that all was well, all is well in the Liberal party but Canadians DO NOT agree with you.

It was right for Canadians to turf Libs out of power for awhile. Having Harper in power was NOT something that we wanted, but the corrupt antics and the blantant arrogance of Liberals was disgusting.

I note the little 'jack layton' banner nonsense on your blogsite. Fine.

If the Liberal Party of Canada does NOT acknowledge the corruption and the arrogance of SOME Liberals, then you will not be helping anyone.

The fact that ethics has NOT been a topic in the Liberal party during the leadership race proves the ongoing arrogance of many Libs.

Fix yourselves.

I agree - there was a reason the Liberals were turfed out, and it had a lot to do with assumptions of entitlement, arrogance, distance from concerns of voters, corruption and slowness in responding to charges of corruption, and lack of implementation of clearly prioritized policies.

However, these 8 candidates offer a heckuva lot more to voters than the last crew running the LPC did. And these candidates have re-energized the Liberal Party, and will be the base for a renewal which will startle people.

And they have in their targets the exclusive, mean-spirited, un-Canadian policies of Harper and his neocon government.

I agree with Leftdog here. I hate those scapegoating icons of Jack, where Liberals think they lost the election because of Jack and not because both their ethics and election campaign sucked. Curiosity needs to get out more, and listen to main stream noise.

However, these 8 candidates offer a heckuva lot more to voters than the last crew running the LPC did. And these candidates have re-energized the Liberal Party, and will be the base for a renewal which will startle people.

The Cats statement above sure startled me!I immediately thought of Volpe & SpongeBob.My sides are still sore from laughing at the prospect of the LPC B Team & assorted carpetbaggers are agents for re-energized renewal.

I'm so sick of the NDP focussing on an opposition party. While it certainly makes sense in terms of electibility, it does't do anything to promote the progressive values the voters elected them to represent.

robedger - in all fairness, the Liberal Convention this weekend is really the 'only' political game in town at the moment.

I think, by and large, New Democratic bloggers have quietly watched the thrust and parry of Liberal infighting in the months leading up to this weekend. New Democrats are nuts about process SOOOOO we have watched your process and have commented very little.

But now it's show time. I posted the other day about the fact that Liberals were turfed out by the people for some very specific reasons yet in your interal party process, there seems to be little recognition of what the voters were saying to you.

As a blogger - as a New Democratic blogger, I feel I have EVERY right to comment on your convention.

When the NDP met last September in Quebec City, there were a number of very critical Liberal bloggers on us - all of that 'Taliban Jack' nonsense that came from individuals, some of them you know personallaly.

Rememember this, if after the NEXT election, the Liberals find themselves in a minority situation, it may well be New Democrats who prop you up to have a year or two in power.

Be nice to us. We have been fairly gentle with you since the voters kicked you in the ass!

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