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Thursday, January 04, 2007 

Jason Kenney - Sec. State for Multiculturalism (or) Fox in the Hen House

Eliminating official multiculturalism was one of the Reform Party’s founding principles. This policy was responsible for attracting some extreme elements into the party. When the Reformers realized they couldn't achieve government they became the Canadian Alliance Party.

At that time, they modified their position on multiculturalsim somewhat. For example, a 2002 policy declaration by Stephen Harper states that multiculturalism is a personal choice and should not be publicly funded. However, it also acknowledges that multiculturalism is a basic feature of Canadian society, and one with positive benefits.

This is consistent with the Conservative Party position outlined in their 2000 policy platform, that “While they cherish their diversity, most Canadians believe that institutionalized multiculturalism should no longer be publicly funded.”

So, who is it that Harper has placed in charge of 'multiculturalism' in Canada? Well the answer is not a good omen for those who value Canada's traditional policy.

Jason Kenney, former Reform Party MP and extreme right wing ideologue is the new Secretary of State for multiculturalism. His former job as CEO of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has prepared him to be a 'fox in the hen house' and Harper is going to use those skills on multiculturalism.

I wonder where he will make his start in the destruction of multicultural policy and programing? He only has a few months before the next election and I predict that he will be swift in dismantling the agency.

Please, let the greasy little slimeball try.

Not only will he succeed in pissing of Quebecers, he'll take out what minimal support the CPC has among the various ethnic populations in Canada as well.

I will be delighted if the CPC ran on this slogan in the next election:


We need a debate on multiculturalism anyway so I am dying for fat boy Kenney to turn up the nasty meter. However, I fear that Harper while evil is not that stupid. Sigh.

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