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Friday, May 04, 2007 

Canadian Troops Demanded Return Of Prisoner After They Witnessed Abuse

Canadian soldiers were so disturbed by the abuse they observed of a prisoner they had given to local authorities, that they demanded to have the prisoner returned. The Toronto Star says Col. Steve Noonan, a former Canadian commander in Afghanistan, has signed a sworn statement indicating one case of abuse was clearly documented by Canadian forces.

It is unfortunate that Prime Minister Harper and his Cabinet do not possess even a fraction of the human compassion that Canadian men and women in the field have demonstrated.

Right wingers want to portray those of us who despise war as 'not supporting' our troops. Canadian forces demonstrate daily their support for basic human ideals and compassion even when they are in a theatre of war.

Right wing thought is poison. It is all about war mongering, about dividing, about hurting those that they don't agree with.

I am proud to be a Canadian, but I hold our federal Conservative government in utter contempt.

CTV News

Definitely a different breed your troops are. I can't even imagine a scenario under which our military personnel would intervene in a matter like this.

We beat the humanity out of our people in the name of following orders at all costs.

During the 1950's - '60's - 70's - 80's and 90's, Canadians were known as 'Peacekeeper' wearing the blue United Nations helmet. We were respected around the world.

But with the Bush ass-kissing Conservaitve scum that we now call our 'government' - we have walked away from our legacy of peace.

In a recent survey close to half the US troops in Iraq surveyed support the abuse of non combatants and torture. Given our pre-Bush military culture of abiding by the Geneva Conventions, I can only conjecture that such views are taught top down.

Hey dog, once again, you can get your point across without the rhetoric-you sound like Chavez!

Nonsense - the 'rhetoric' is coming from Harper - Day - O'Connor. They look like a comedy routine on this topic.

Not always going to agree with you ole man. But I do have to say, I appreciate your more then fair commentary, demonstrating a civility many people could learn from (including myself at times).

Oh, and glad to see you back and well (I hope).



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