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Thursday, August 23, 2007 

QPP Admits To It ! - Their Officers WERE Disguised At Montebello!

Quebec provincial police admitted Thursday that their officers disguised themselves at the Montebello protest!! So much for all of their denials yesterday and earlier today!!


-Montebello : trois policiers de la SQ parmi les manifestants

Any bets that the PMO is involved too?

Larry it would not surprise me!

(By the way I want to thank you for bringing public attention to this story right from the begining - your blog has covered this story well)!

Booyah! Booyah! Booyah! Booyah!

I am dancing naked around my living room right now.

Somehow, this can be connected to Harpe...somehow!

I also want to give a hat tip to Erik at Getting It Right for his coverage of the QPP actions at Montebello.

bigcitylib - Close the curtains!!

I agree ... there is no doubt in my mind that someone higher up the political chain wanted this to be a 'violent' protest. I think a public inquiry is definitely in order here!

Kudos for your coverage of this story!

Oh man, this is good news. The phrase "flushed with success" comes to mind.

Well, well, well.

Its especially creepy when you also think about the actions of the alberta energy and utility board in spying on landowners. I realize the two might seem only distantly related, but considering that the EUB is a quasi-judicial agency of the govt of Alberta and claims to act in the public interest there are importantly similarities in the extra-legal roles that these arms of the provincial states have chosen to play.

Thanks Buckdog, my contributions were little though, but I enjoyed it fully.

Cheers everyone!

You have no idea how depressing this is to me. Seeing Canada become just like us here in the states...running out of places it might be safe to move to y'know.

In my view this story has but begun to unfold.

The questions we must begin asking now start with "who gave what orders?" for this little game of charades, and a detailed examination of connections/communications with the PMO (and other government agencies).

Harper's already shown us he can willingly abuse police power.

Second, we must ask ourselves just what is it about these SPP discussions that makes them oh-so-secretive?

If I put on my "tin foil conspiracy hat", it's not exactly a big leap to see how the PMO would benefit from diverting attention towards "thugs" protesting the SPP discussions...

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