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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 

Harper And His Conservatives Have Mastered The Art Of Cronyism

"OTTAWA-When the Conservatives were elected, they promised to do business differently. No more cronyism, no more backroom deals with party hacks. They were going to clean up Ottawa. However, critics say Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has appointed hundreds of people with Conservative ties – the kind of cronyism the Conservatives and their predecessors used to howl about."
Richard Brennan
Toronto Star

"The lack of a public appointments commission seriously undermines any credibility that Mr. Harper is serious about cleaning up how business is done in Ottawa,"
Charlie Angus
New Democrat
Timmins-James Bay

The Star

". . . a separate cabinet order is required for many provisions to come into force. There is nothing forcing cabinet to establish the appointments commission." . . .


This is typical of the Conservatives. Despite a bill having force of law by proclamation of the Governor-General, Steve is stopping its coming into force by his prerogative.

Such an action puts him above the GG. Mike Harris did similar things in Ontario and all that was necessary was for a minister of the crown to write up a directive and give it a "walk-around" the cabinet table and get several other cabinet signatures.

Fait accompli and the legislature was prevented from doing anything about it.

Hsrris' government style has moved to Ottawa--Flaherty,Baird,and Clement-- and I warned you about them.

While on the subject of Harris, read the Toronto and GTA articles in today's Star about Megacity ten years after.

Megacity was thrust on us 10 years ago and we're still fixing the wreckage. Megacity came in over the protests of the citizens.

Bah, to the Conservatives.

Now I'm really angry.
Things should get better after the next election.

We have had enough of Canada's little 'right wing experiment' with Harper and crew. I agree with you totally ... time to give these folks the boot!

"Things should get better after the next election"

Yea Harper will have a Majority!!

You guys have got to get out of your dream world.

If I go by what the polls say I might be dreaming to!!

I just spent a week in southern Manitoba (on a farm and Brandon) and talked quite a bit of Canadian politics (they just don't cover it down here).

Your right-wing experiment definitely needs to end.

happy new year!

Happy New Year Graeme - love your blog! Keep it coming in 2008!

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