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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 

Dion's Liberals And Their PHONY 'Green' Priority!

Here is a major Canadian political myth: - 'Stéphane Dion’s environmental agenda is detailed, (and) substantive ...'

Here is a major Canadian political reality: "Only 11 Liberals voted for an NDP non-confidence motion condemning the government for failing to respect international climate agreements and for its refusal to adopt opposition-approved legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Other Liberals MPs were present but didn't vote."
The National Post
March 10, 2008

In one of his recent posts, Liberal blogger, Jason Cherniak wondered, "As Liberals, we should not ask whether people care that our MPs are abstaining. Most people don't follow politics and have no idea what's going on. Instead, we should ask whether they will care when they find out during an election. Will they shrug it off as political strategy, or will they think "I can't believe the Liberals were doing that". I'm not sure what the answer is."

Why should people vote for the Liberal Party when the Liberal Party DOES NOT VOTE FOR THEM?!!!

Many of us are going to ensure that voters are aware of the voting record of the Liberal Caucus!

-Liberals' green card turns into a Joker

And yet, on another day the Liberals would have shown up en mass to vote for this confidence motion.

They didn't because because they don't want to force an election.

It's quite valid to debate whether the Liberals are making the right choice to not force an election now, but confidence motions put forth to exploit the Liberals reluctance don't strike me as accurate barometers of Liberal voting intentions.

It may be ironic that the Liberals delaying for when the time is "right" may be the very thing that does them in.

"They didn't because because they don't want to force an election."

The HIGHEST priority and ideal that the Liberal Members of Parliament are guided by at present, is their potential 'electability'! Nothing else matters! An extension to the death of Canadian troops in Afghanistan is secondary. The finances of the nation are secondary, the ENVIRONMENT is secondary and must take a back seat while Stephane Dion fritters and worries about the timing and fortunes of a Liberal campaign.

They are without scrupples, ethics and social conscience!

A plague on Liberals!

Don't Dion and Kyoto look nice in that picture.


Sorry. I just find the picture funny.

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