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Thursday, April 10, 2008 

Prophet Or Pedophile: FLDS Temple Used For Sex With Underage 'Brides'

FLDS Prophet Warren Jeffs is a convicted felon. We are starting to find out the kind of criminal crap that went on in the name of 'religion'.

SAN ANGELO, Texas - "Adult FLDS men were having sex with underage brides inside the massive limestone temple at the polygamous sect's Texas ranch, a confidential informant told authorities.

A search warrant unsealed Wednesday by a Texas judge said Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran learned that information from a confidential informant he has worked with for several years. The warrant says the informant is a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."
Salt Lake City Tribune

Perhaps in the name of that 'religion', but I must say it's getting harder to defend the religious right when they keep fucking up with little kids! The history of religion seems filled with these kind of indiscretions and I only have to look at the history of my people and the church to confirm this. But at the same time I'm reminded of the idea of inter-generational love, that is to say - an older man with a much much younger 'bride' that has been rearing its head lately. I'll have to do some research and post a link to the idea. Besides that, I'm currently doing a paper on child soldiers and how the young female children are used as 'wives' by the military commanders to help ensure they don't get AIDS (because the kids are virgins). There are various countries around the world also where you can go to brothels that use under aged workers to cater to people with money (right, left, religious, atheist alike). I certainly don't think its a religious problem more then I think its a human deviant problem, with various ways used to cover it up.

I mistook that complex for a prison, by the photo.

The Temple is a massive limestone structure in the middle of nowhere in west Texas. This sect has a lot of money.

and they get money from the government by manipulating the limited welfare system we have. nutty people

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