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Wednesday, April 16, 2008 

Self Righteous Tories Better Have Proof Of Accusations Against Elections Canada

self-right·eous (adj) confident of one's own righteousness, esp. when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.

OTTAWA -- Angry Conservative MPs attacked Elections Canada on Wednesday, accusing the non-partisan agency of leaking news of the RCMP raids on the party's national headquarters to the media and to their Liberal opponents.

"Somebody should ask who in Elections Canada invited the Liberal party to make a home video out of the visit to our headquarters. It's very curious as to why Elections Canada would make an invitation to another political party to be part of [Tuesday's] circus,"
Pierre Poilievre - Conservative MP

Conservative officials stuck to the party line that the raid is directly linked to a civil suit. One of them, speaking anonymously Tuesday, said the police action underlines the party's long-held contention that Elections Canada's case against the party was weak. It is almost 'Mugabesque'

-National Post
-Globe & Mail

Poilievre likes to say anything provocative. My understanding is that Newsworld first broke the story and everyone in their offices at party HQ and some in their Hill offices grabbed cameras and made their way to the CPC HQ.

Public building and information from a public broadcaster. So what's the problem?

Read Poilievre's biography. He's originally from the west and now he's wreaking havoc on the Hill, and the national capital region. But I do notice he's not sitting in the back row of the government side, so he has some import in the party hierarchy--unlike David Sweet.

I agree. The world has changed to the point that with cameras and computers we can bring things forward in minutes. I did a post the other day on a demonstration in front of MP Lukiwski's constituency office. I was a couple of kilometers away shopping but I heard on my car radio that a demonstration was planned, I headed over to the site in mere minutes, took a photo and blogged it instantly.

The Tories are just being idiots.

PS - I did go and check Pierre Poilievre's bio - a graduate of the University of Calgary (just like Harper) ... I should have known.

You know who is really at fault here, the media. I mean, let me get this straight, people can just hurl out this nonsense, which everyone knows is completely false, and you are bound to report it. The first question a serious journalist asks, is this credible, and if it's not you don't give it credence by acknowledging it.

This attack is going over like a lead balloon, but really all the Cons wanted was to throw out some diversion, get everyone talking about another angle, until it dies down. The media isn't a conduit for bad spin, they should just ignore this as factually irrelevant, not put it in the headline.

We have a responsibility to hold those who violate free and fair elections accountable.

Remaining in power those who violated a fair and free election will seek to, and may succeed in rewrite laws decriminalize their election violation.

This means ALL PARTIES must vote their non-confidence of the government at the next voting opportunity. This non-confidence of the government must be shown regardless of a party's desire for the particular vote at hand. Efforts to ensure election freedom and fairness must over rule all other concerns. As loyal Opposition parties they hold the responsibility to vote their non-confidence before those violating a free and fair election is able intimidate investigators.

Hello, this message needs to get through.

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