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Tuesday, April 01, 2008 

Premier Wall's Association With 'smalldeadanimals' Condemned By MLA In Saskatchewan Legislature

"Saskatoon Massey Place MLA Cam Broten called on Premier Brad Wall to distance himself from the radical and hurtful statements made by one of his prominent supporters, Saskatchewan blogger Katherine McMillan of smalldeadanimals.com.

“Ms. McMillan's statements were petty, hurtful, and offensive,” Broten said. “By associating himself with Ms. McMillan and as a result lending her credibility, Brad Wall is exhibiting extremely poor leadership and bad judgment”.

The comments come after a posting made by McMillan on the proposed Station 20 West project in Saskatoon, which recently saw its funding eliminated by the Sask Party government. The posting compares potential Station 20 users in downtown Saskatoon with drug addicts and petty criminals. It first appeared on Ms. McMillan’s website on Friday March 28."

Saskatchewan NDP Caucus Website

UPDATE: Premier Wall was caught by reporters after Question Period today and quickly tried to put distance between himself and Kate M. He could NOT confirm if she is a member of the Saskatchewan Party or if she has ever received any work or funds from the Saskatchewan Party Caucus. Sean In Saskatchewan has much more detailed information on this story .....

I presume that's no April Fool's joke.

I see you found this story already.

Scott ... nope! I find it funny that Premier Brad Wall was quick to condemn the Sask Federation of Indian Nations for reinstatement of David Ahenakew to the FSIN Senate because of his hateful language, yet Wall has NO problems with his party's connection to Kate and SDA.

I wonder how she'll react to the rejection. She's 2/2 in having her influence being rejected by SK Premiers now.

(This comment is cross posted at Sean In Saskatchewan's blogsite):

NewsTalk Radio host, JOHN GORMLEY gushes and flatters Kate and smalldeadanimals almost DAILY on his radio show.

John is one of her biggest fans, claims he is NOT a racist and then trumpets smalldeadanimals EVERY CHANCE HE GETS!

He should be doing some 'esplaining' as well!

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