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Sunday, June 08, 2008 

Conservatives Launch Anti-Liberal Ad Campaign

The federal Conservative Party is launching an aggressive attack ad campaign today targeting Liberal leader Stephane Dion over his proposed new carbon tax.
Toronto Sun

Here's a sneak peak of the campaign!

The more vindictive the wording of the conservatives' ads, the more threatened they feel.

And why should they feel that way?

Perhaps sinking fortunes would explain it.

Agreed - and I also maintain that the Tories are desperate to get attention away from Bernier / Couillard! Stay tuned on that front!

Whooee! LD, you seem quite gleeful over the Con's ad campaign. ("!" Link to CPC organ, TO Sun) Like CPC cheerleader, Mike Duffy, you even give the Con's free advertising by displaying the "controversial" ads. Controversial means it's news and fair game to display the ads without getting compensated as ad publishers normally are.

Now that we know these ads will likely never appear at gas pumps, the Con's have achieved what they were after in the first place -- free advertising. Do you feel used?


Nope. I don't put my head in the sand. I open my eyes and deal with what's going on.

I ain't sure I take your meaning, LD. You're sayin' you don't feel used by a displayin' CPC ad?

The Con's, according to Kinsella, used an old strategy of creating a fake ad campaign that would never see the light of day on gas pumps.

They release the ads with some hoopla and a dedicated, though juvenile, website.

Conservative bloggers and Mike Duffy dutifully make sure audiences see the ads. Since the ads are targeted at the Liberals, a few NDP bloggers join in the ad space giveaway.

Viral marketing and false controversy succeed in getting the ads out to the public at no big cost. Heck, they may even make money after they sue Fuelcast.


The ads are comical! We need a good laugh in politics from time to time! The only thing that would have made them funnier (and more relevant) would have been to place a little green chihuahua yipping in the ad at Dion's feet!

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