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Wednesday, June 04, 2008 

What Are The Conservatives Hiding In The Bernier Affair?

"Neither Maxime Bernier nor any government MPs will engage in this political circus,"
Senior Government Source
(speaking on condition of anonymity)

My first impression on the Bernier matter when Prime Minister Harper refused to communicate with the media and Parliament, was that he was embarrassed over the actions of his Foreign Affairs Minister.

Rightly so. The fact that Harper put the incompetent Bernier in a key cabinet post simply because he is from Quebec, says a lot about his judgment. Sure, that must be it, Harper was embarrassed. He had tolerated Bernier's screw-ups for far too long and now he wanted the whole matter to simply go away.

However, the ongoing revelations about Ms. Couillard's past connections with Quebec biker gangs and now with the Mafia, leads me believe that there is something much more nefarious going on with this whole scandal.

Since Bernier was the senior Conservative lieutenant in Quebec, and since he was deeply involved with someone from Quebec's organized crime sector, questions now need to be asked concerning the possibility of underworld donations to tory coffers in Quebec or any other number of inappropriate connections. If Prime Minister Harper will not allow public light to be shed on this matter, all questions are legitimate!

It there were ever an issue that demanded a full judicial inquiry, it is the Bernier/Coullard Affair.

Something very fishy is going on here and it is beginning to stink in the halls of Parliament, with the strongest smell coming from the Prime Minister's Office itself.

National Post

I don't think it is hiding, as in "covering up", but rather as good old "circling the wagons" - the typical political defensive posture when being caught with your pants down ...

In political 'chemistry', when you combine politicians and the mob, you get something very, very unpleasant!!

All the ingredients are here for something very serious. Harper does not have the right to deny the people of Canada what they need here - and what they need is for daylight to be shone on the entire Bernier/Couillard mess!

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