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Saturday, June 28, 2008 

I Am Glad That General Hillier Is Leaving !

A lot of Canadians will be singing the praises of General Rick Hillier as he leaves the military on July 1st - I will not be one of them.

I believe that this particular general played the political game far beyond what is acceptable from a servant of the Canadian public.

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for the peace keeping record of the Canadian military but Hillier and his supporters (especially Harper and his Reform / Conservative ilk) have downplayed that legacy and have tried to emulate hawkish American military escapades.

Goodbye General Hillier.

-Gen Hillier Insists Canadians Support Afghan War

-Stop Misinformation About Afghanistan

-Are You Ready For 10 Years in Afghanistan??

-Is It Time For General Hillier To Step Down?

-General Hillier MUST Go!

-Someone Should Stick A Cork In General Hillier's Mouth

-Who's Watching The Generals?

-General Hillier Getting More And More Political In His Speeches


What peace keeping legacy?

Uh huh. Legacy == anything < 50 years? Nice rewriting of history. How did I know that's where you were going, eh?

I'd question Yugoslavia being on your list. The peace-keepers there failed, remember?

The ME and Cyprus weren't legacies, they were quagmires that no one knew how to get out of. The average on those is around 25 years.

The ME postings were in place during _two_ regional wars, Intifada and the response, and one twenty year revolution. Not what I'd call a glaring "success" for a "peace-keeping" force.


You disgrace every man and woman who donned the uniform of the Canadian Armed Forces and served in international peace keeping missions!

I'd like to see you go into a Legion Hall with the old boys and say that kind of shit!

Stop being a war monger lance! It's bloody disgusting!

What is it with you right wingers? There is a nastiness that is an undercurrent in Canadian right wing thinking. It is NOT the Canadian way. That is proved by the fact that political parties like REFORM was NEVER elected the government of Canada and it is why it took so long for the Sask Party to get elected in Saskatchewan - it is why the Conservatives were in power nationally less than 30 years in the 20th Century.

I did my four years, LD, did you? Maybe before accusing me of dishonouring _myself_, maybe you should ask vets, eh?

Would you care to address the points I raised in my post previous? Or not?

One thing I found interesting in your reply though, "like REFORM was NEVER elected the government of Canada"

It seems to me that Mr. Manning managed a step or two better than Mr. Broadbent. I would wonder how your mysterious and deeply suspicious REFORMERS managed Official Opposition where the Morally Righteous Leader of the fourth party failed.


The fact that you consider Canada's peace keeping actions 'failures' is what I consider disgraceful! The fact that it sounds like what you in uniform wanted was combat is irrelevant to Canada's peacekeeping legacy. I have family members who served in Cyprus, Egypt and Yugoslavia.

And as a man in uniform your job was to serve where ordered.

My father served in the armed forces and in our family the men and women who wore the blue helmet and attempted to bring some order to extremely complicated situations is something to be honoured not something for bloody right wing SNARK .... 'what peacekeeping legacy'...

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