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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

'Who's Tory Now?' - Many In The Sask Party Caucus Hold Membership In The Federal Conservative Party

"I think we have a good working relationship and it bodes well for us. If anybody's going to cut somebody some slack they're going to cut us slack and I think it will do us more favours than the other way around."
Don Morgan
Justice Minister of Saskatchewan
(and card carrying member of Stephen Harper's Conservative Party of Canada)

Think back a couple of weeks when I told you how the Government of Saskatchewan had dropped their equalization legal challenge against the federal Conservative government.

The recently disclosed fact that 11 of the 36 members of the governing Saskatchewan Party Caucus hold membership in the Federal Conservative party, raises questions of conflict of interest.

The Saskatchewan Party goes to great length to stress that they are NOT Conservatives - even though Premier Wall worked for the Grant Devine government and sitting MLA's like Jeremy Harrison is a defeated Conservative MP. The Saskies DO NOT want all of the votes that they received last fall from Saskatchewan's screwed up provincial Liberal ranks to fall away.

You really have to wonder if this cozy relationship between Harper and his country cousins is good for Saskatchewan in the long run. The Sask Party insists that it is - although the only thing they have to show for it (and something that they trumpet over and over and over again) is a paltry $80 million given to Saskatchewan as infrastructure money to replace one bridge in Saskatoon!

The people of Saskatchewan wanted change after 16 years of New Democrat administrations. Fair ball - this is a democracy. However, the assurances we get from Premier Wall that his government is NOT tied to Harper's Conservatives is going to wear thin very soon.

I hope this helps the process.

As well this morning, Kate at smalldeadanimals is ashamed that ALL Saskatchewan Party Members of the Legislature are not card carrying Conservatives ... "My question is simple. Why aren't all members of Saskatchewan Party caucus members of the Conservative Party of Canada? As for the Conservative Party, get to it... you're leaving money on the table. Find those other 25 members, and get selling!"

Regina Leader-Post

POSTED BY Prairie Fire on the post "'Who's Tory Now?' - Many In The Sask Party Caucus ...":

I was actually surprised that more of the SP MLAs weren’t members - I just assumed that virtually all of them would be federal Conservative members.

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t all NDP MLAs in SK also federal NDP members by virtue of their joint federal-provincial membership? So is Atkinson arguing then that if the NDP by some chance were to form government federally (or let’s say hold a real balance of power in a minority where they were propping up a government in a stable manner) that all NDP MLAs in Sask would give up their memberships to prevent any conflict of interest with the federal party?

It just seems like a kooky argument all the way around - definitely not worthy of page A3. Then again, it is July.

And for the record, those provincial Liberals who voted Sask Party this past election did so as a necessary evil to ensure that the NDP was voted out after 16 long years. Trust me on this one - we will be getting those votes back before 2011 and then some!

Posted by Prairie Fire to Buckdog at 2:25 AM, July 24, 2008

Since you are a Grit ... let's be honest here. The Sask Libs have been in disarray and turmoil for the last couple of terms.

In 2003 they parked their votes with Calvert in order to keep Elwin Hermanson and his Saskatchewan Party from winning. The Saskies were stunned that they did not win and it was Liberal votes that kept the prize of government from him.

In 2007, Liberals decided to place their votes with Wall and Co. to see a change of government after the NDP's 4 consecutive terms.

I agree that the Liberal vote will abandon Wall next time - although some right wing Libs like Mr. Murney sound more like a Conservative/Sask Party supporter than he does a Liberal. His recent change in calling all New Democrats 'socialists' speaks to his true political colours. It is highly disrespectful to not address an individual based up their own self definition. If I identify as a 'social democrat' then insisting on calling me a 'socialist' is highly disrespectful. If a person identifies themselves as an 'Afro-Canadian' then continuously referring to them as a 'black' person or a 'coloured' person is highly disrespecful.

I tend to address most people on the right of the political spectrum as a 'right winger.' However, if they wish to be called a 'conservative' - that is what I will call them.

I don't predict much happening for the provincial Libs UNTIL they get a charismatic leader. When Haverstock got knifed in the back by her own, the fortunes of the Sask Libs was set back at least 20 years. (So you are only halfway through your penance)!

"I agree that the Liberal vote will abandon Wall next time - although some right wing Libs like Mr. Murney sound more like a Conservative/Sask Party supporter than he does a Liberal."
That's insulting...the Sask Party has snuggled up beside your party...I'm to the right of the Sask Party!
My choice of words are nothing I haven't used before...just not on my blog! After David Karwacki and his retinue shit the bed yet again last fall, I decided it was time to start speaking more pointedly and truthfully about what is going on in Saskatchewan politics. My comments aren't aimed at insulting people, just getting at the truth.

As for what will happen in 2011, it may be too early to speculate about that. Maybe.

I believe that the Liberal Party (provincially) will start making inroads in Wall's rural base. Places like Melfort - Humboldt - Tisdale - Nipawin - Saltcoats - Langenburg. That is where the Libs held sway after the 1995 campaign.

However, until the fight between Regina and Saskatoon Libs is quashed ... urban seats will be more of a challenge.

Historically, you can see how the Libs pushed the Conservatives to the sidelines after the 1960 election leading up to Thatcher's 1964 win.

And on that, we are in 100 percent agreement. The problems affecting the Sask Liberal party are more fundamental that fighting between two warring camps, but you are very, very warm.

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