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Thursday, August 14, 2008 

It's Stephen Harper's Fault That Canada Has No Olympic Medals!

Imagine if the Prime Minister of Canada had risen to his feet to applaud Canada's elite athletes as they marched into the stadium in the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics! The athletes would have responded to the cheer that went up - knowing that they were the pride and joy of EVERY Canadian.

Now back to reality. Not EVERY Canadian was thrilled to see our athletes attend the games. In fact the number one Canuck, the Grand Poo Bah of the Great White North thought so little of them that he boycotted the games because he has ideological difficulties with the alternative economic system of China.

So why should our athletes be giving it their best in Beijing? Why should they burn that extra bit of energy needed to win bronz or silver or gold?

Harper is supposed to be our Leader. He has not been acting much like a leader on the international stage. His petty personal priorities trump his job description and his leadership and demonstration of pride in Canada's best was absent at the opening ceremonies.

No wonder Canadians are absent on the medal podium.


. . .
Harper is supposed to be our Leader
. . .

I do not call Stephen Harper the prime minister since I don't believe he's earned the dignity of the title.

I look on him as a place-holding regent.

So, he's no leader and never has been, to my mind.

Why wouldn't Harper go to China? Maybe because it's not a Christian land and he doesn't want to consort with pagans and the like.
How Christian is that considering how others have cast out demons and healed the ill?

If Harper is too good for consorting with non-Christians, then he's contradicting his faith.

So do he self-righteous.

And it shall come to pass that there shall be a mighty thud visited upon the land and a great darkness shall prevail over the people of the land, And they shall be sore afraid. And it shall come to pass that a new flame of bright light shall shine from the East and the people shall be comforted.

And the great thud shall sink in the West to the rejoicing and jubilation of the many.

Somebody say 'AMEN'!

he boycotted the games because he has ideological difficulties with the alternative economic system of China.

I don't why Harper didn't attend the games, but I doubt that he did so because of the "alternative economic system". It might be because the communist regime has been responsible for the deaths of tens of million of their own people during the Maoist purges.

To quote wikipedia:

The implementation of Maoist thought in China may have been responsible for over 70 million excessive deaths during peacetime

In some people's minds, that takes precedence over concerns about "alternative economic system".

Uhm... there is that entire human rights aspect for a boycott of the Olympics. Not that is necessarily high on Harper's agenda either...

Really we should be shaming Harper for the lack of support for amateur sports. Had the Liberals not already slashed funding for sports in the 1990's, Harper would be cutting them today like they were a cultural program.

Olympians are not made over night, and years without a vision for amateur sports under successive Liberal and Conservative leaders has led us to out current predictament... sniff

I think Harper holds his old Reform view of sports financing ... any funds to amateur sports should come from donations by the corporate sector.

As for boycotts, I have never liked them - I guess I chalk it up to the old 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone' motto.

Clearly, Canada's treatment and record with Aboriginal peoples is sufficient for the world to boycott our olympics. As well, when we talk about 'human rights' we do NOT recognize the right to employment. In this free market environment, it is dog eat dog and we have had to fight the corporate world to win things such as pensions, unemployment insurance, medicare, etc. None of these 'rights' were given to us. Canadians had to fight to get them and still have to fight to retain them.

"November 3, 2005.
(Ottawa) Discrimination against Aboriginal women and women prisoners, and negative
impacts on women caused by cuts to social assistance and social programmes, drew severe criticism from the United Nations Human Rights Committee, which just completed its 5th review of Canada’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
“The Committee blasts Canada for its treatment of Aboriginal women,” said Beverley Jacobs,
President of the Native Women’s Association of Canada. “No other word is accurate, given the
Committee’s comprehensive criticism.”
“The Committee recognizes Canada’s failure to protect Aboriginal women from violence, to
address the poverty of Aboriginal women, and to correct overt discrimination in the law,” said
Sharon McIvor of the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action. “The discrimination in the law is decades old, and it affects Indian women’s ability to pass on their status and reserve membership to their children and grandchildren, and their access to matrimonial
property rights and to basic human rights protections.”

Blame the Former Liberal Governments for under funding our Summer Athletes for many years.

Im not so sure if we really should be blaming this Prime Minister.

As for why the Prime Minister never showed up to the Opening of the Olympics. I don't know why. Maybe he had other plans.

I have the feeling Im about to be called an Extreme Right winger....sigh

Leadership requires someone who 'leads'! It requires a 'Leader'. A good leader 'inspires'. What inspiration did our young athletes have when their leader was not there to inspire them?

Harper didn't do his job on this file and he should be roundly criticised for it.

I watched some of our athletes being interviewed from Beijing and they seemed dejected and embarrassed.

Where was Stephen Harper? We still haven't been told what vital event he needed to attend that caused him to not represent the country that he heads at the gathering of nations at the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games?

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