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Friday, October 10, 2008 

Why New Democrats Will NOT Vote For The Liberals - Dion's Double Standard!!

Dion's Liberals are so flaky it is unbelievable. On one hand, they have dispatched Bob Rae to tell Liberals that the New Democrats are their main target for the remainder of the election.

Meanwhile, Dion himself is urging New Democrats to vote Liberal to 'stop' Harper. Yet in the same breath, Dion claims that he would not co-operate with the NDP in the House of Commons to stop Harper .... and to finish it all off, he tells a lie about an NDP promise and adopts Harper's policy on corporate tax cuts!! A plank of the New Democratic campaign pledges to reverse a planned $50-billion corporate tax cut because the NDP wants to address the concerns of average families, not corporations. But just listen to how Dion LIES about cancelling the PLANNED tax cut to big business: "I can’t govern with somebody who wants to raise the taxes by $50 billion," said Mr. Dion."
The Halifax Chronicel Herard

Call him flaky or cheezy ... your choice. Liberals will climb into bed and form another functioning coalition government with Harper ... letting Harper get away with his political agenda just like this last spring and summer.

Those who founded the New Democratic Party used to have a saying that is still completely true .... Liberal / Tory ... same old story!!

Reason No. 1 why New Dems shouldn't vote Liberal: The Grits are a party of the business class. The Grits don't represent workers; they always put capital's interests above those of labour. Perhaps you should link to Tommy Douglas's Mouseland fable, Buckdog.

In my opinion Dion is our best hope at the moment for electoral reform. Without a minority win for the Libs it will never happen. And if he loses...and another Lib winds up as Lib leader...my bet is they won't be for electoral reform like Dion. I have heard plenty of Liberals speak against it so to amazing to have the current Lib leader for it It's as good as it gets. Of course a hard partisan NDPer will never agree with me anyways so its pointless to try to change your mind but perhaps some NDP'ers will see the truth of it.

Woman at mile 0 ... I am not in disagreement that we need electoral reform. In fact a golden opportunity was lost by Dion during the last Parliament. Imagine if on one of those votes that the majority of Liberal MP's abstained from, Harper had been told in no uncertain terms that he would lose the vote if he did not bring forward an all party committee on electoral reform. It did not happen. I can assure you that the Federal New Democrats would have rushed to work with Dion on achieving that.

I am critical of the Dion because he has been far too accomodating to the Conservatives because he was afraid of an election if there was some doubt that the Libs would not acquire a majority government.

But in the spirit of accommodation right back at you, I think that electoral reform is badly needed.

Woman, could you provide some concrete proof that Dion is for electoral reform. Any time I have heard him speak about it, it was always in the manner of "A Liberal government will think about considering looking at the possibility of electoral reform." I have never heard Dion come out and say that our voting system must be changed. Do you have a link to a speech of his that is definite. This is not a snark, I really would like to see it, if it is out there.

leftdog, many NDP supporters are disenfranchised because in many ridings, their vote will go to waste. This is the case in my riding, where the NDP and Greens have no chance at all. As such, I am not voting. Consider it a boycott of the electoral system, something I think anyone who is serious about electoral reform should consider.

A lot of these comments support my idea that we should examine voting strategically, ala www.voteforenvironment.ca The main thing HAS to be to stop Harper. Check out the site! And for excellent seat projections as they are now, (ie: Without strategic voting) see www.electionpredictionproject.org Not voting is Not an option! And Thanks again Left Dog for that link to Cherniak. I finally got a post on there!

Consider it a boycott of the electoral system, something I think anyone who is serious about electoral reform should consider.

Sorry - I have to disagree with you on this one. That's just self-defeating. In fact, it's precisely the attitude that the Con$ want you to take - they profit the most from apathy.


Yup .. Noam ... I have to say that your strategy would make Stephen Harper happy.

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