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Tuesday, October 07, 2008 

Urgent Memo From Central Nova Tory Campaign - 'Get your Lib friends to vote Conservative and stop the NDP'!

Peter MacKay is running scared from the New Democrat onslaught!

It is called keeping the troops motivated/encouraging people to vote. Which is I guess is what you were doing...

Do I smell nervous desperation?

I think the Liberal voters will stay home.

btw, Your pretty quick with this story leftdog. I saw it just a few mins before you posted it and heard about it on Mike Duffy Live earlier.

Huffb1 ... I think a lot of Libs are pissed off at Dion's deal with May. Sure some will stay home, but non-tories are NOT crazy about Peter. If the Greens really wanted to stop the Conseratives, they would vote New Democrat as well!

(the early bird gets the worm)

Right on Jan!!! Yes!!
Nothing personal against May, but she is NOT going to beat Mackay. She is running 3rd behind the other two. I know it will be hard, but she should do whatever she can to help beat MacKay ... imagine if the Tories LOST their Minister of Defence! The knives would be out for Harper in short order!!

This cracks me up!!

The Conservatives think the Liberal left they HATE so much is going to vote for them??

rolling lol

Liberals, NDP are actually not that far apart on many issues. But Cons!!!


The prospects of defeating McKay are just too delicious to not comment. I hope his defensiveness is justified and that he is ousted.

This is really a one-off different riding situation. Ya, it's funny. But let's not get distracted. What irks me the most, and I can see it coming, in this last week the Liberals will try and sucker everyone who is thinking about voting NDP to vote Liberal instead. This must be stopped at all costs, otherwise it's a distant 3rd place finish yet again.

And McKay's going to win because progressive forces are not united.

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