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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 

Our Petty Petty Prime Minister!

 [pet-ee] –adjective.
1. having or showing narrow ideas, interests, etc.: 'petty minds'.
2. mean or ungenerous in small or trifling things: 'a petty person'.
3. showing or caused by meanness of spirit: 'a petty revenge'.

-No TV cameras, audio equipment, or reporters will be permitted in the airport lounge where the President will meet with our Governor General for 15 minutes.

-Footage of Obama's meeting with Leader of the Official Opposition, Michael Ignatieff will not be attainable, only still photos.

-The names of any Canadian Cabinet Ministers or other officials present for Harper's meeting with Obama will be confidential.

-When asked why the event would be restricted to still cameras alone, Teneycke (Harper's humourless chief media flunkey) replied: "That's a decision that has been made. . . . We can waste time by asking questions, but it won't change the answer."

How a petty and highly insecure Prime Minister operates ...

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay
at mackaycartoons.net

It's his sandbox, damnit!

Don't think we won't forget this nonsense come the next election.

I'm 64 and I can't recall another small- and petty-minded politician in Harper's league.

Even Parizeau and Mike Harris had some element of
generosity and consideration.

Harper's mistake was to model himself after John Howard and George Bush.
Both of them are gone from political life but Harper continues on in his obstinate way--just like Day before him. Remember the Niagara River flowing south?

Totally out to lunch, that flat-earther.

Harper got what he needed out of Ignatieff, why should he give him anything in return?

This is what happens when a bully gets to set the 'playground rules'. Bout time the electorate realized it must become the 'principal' - we need to protest this schoolyard violation and the abuse of power it represents. Call your MP and register your complaint. I have, but surprise, surprise, Wpg Tory MP Bruinooge's office didn't seem to care.

When the next opportunity presents itself - I say, we must vote Harpo out!

And how would you run it? Like your blog, perhaps?

One assumes the POTUS, the most powerful leader in the world, is permitted input as to his itinerary. This is forgotten by those who might themselves be described as "petty".

Obama, for all is popularity, is also a significant target. That is a sad reality - and it is entirely possible that HE has prescribed who and under what circumstances he will meet.

So - the truth may be, firstly, that Obama's security has suggested, why have more people and more cameras to a meeting with two persons who, frankly, don't matter.

I mean - are you serious that we should be concerned that his meeting with Michele Jean isn't given more significance? Likewise with Ignatieff.

He is coming to meet with the leader of our Country - next you'll be demanding that he spend the day with Elizabeth May.

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