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Saturday, October 03, 2009 

Montreal Simon's Frustration With CDN Political Bloggers Is Probably Justified

Blogger, 'Montreal Simon' has a great post up today that expresses his frustration with the political fighting by both New Democrat and Liberal bloggers this past week. It's worth a read, by all participants of the dispute.

"Gawd. What a horrible week in politics it has been. And now it's raining. And that monstrous cloud formation is hovering over my head again.


And to make matters worse my Liberal and NDP friends are fighting each other. And since I believe in the Anyone But Harper Party.... I'm getting it from BOTH sides. Is that fair eh?

Especially since it's all so absurd. Stephen Harper pretending he doesn't want an election, when he's probably drooling so much John Baird has to follow him around with a mop. The NDP on the defensive...feeling guilty for saving us from a Con majority. And the Liberals on the offensive. But going nowhere..."

Montreal Simon Blog

hi Buckdog...thanks for the link eh? And you're right I am a bit frustrated. On the other hand I understand how my friends feel, and let's face it it's not a happy time for any of us. The important thing is not to give up and to keep hitting those hideous Cons as hard as we can. Because we may not be perfect... but we are DEFINITELY better than them.
So I'm hoping that one day we can form some kind of strategic alliance, and play a nice toon for the Cons. Like a fineral march.
Because I know we can all dance to that one... :)

From my distant perspective, anyone but Harper sounds good to me. He was GW ChickenHawk's biggest cheerleader.

Simon, I can fully appreciate that after having supported Harper for so long, and being called, on it, the Lib bloggers would be kicking up their heels after having been cooped up for so long. However, endless attacks on Layton is a strategy that Dippers can only tolerate to a point. I laid off a tad and didn't blog on Friday .. and I pointed out your concerns as my main post today.

However, I don't suspect that the truce will hold. There is a 'keener' or two amongst the Lib bloggers who, I believe, have NO intention of stopping their attacks on Layton and the NDP. We will see.

I did however, hope that lots of readers of 'Progressive Bloggers' had a chance to see your post. It is timely .. and hits the mark.


Hi TomCat .. Canadian politics is as complicated as I have ever seen it! You have the Liberal Party (which is leaning 'Right' these days) at war with the New Democratic Party. You have the Greens (who in Europe lean left - leaning to the 'Right' in Canada) and they .. like the Liberals, are trying to steal voters from the New Democratic Party.

The winner in all of this is the Harper Conservatives ... who are on the verge of forming a majority government if the Liberals continue on by demanding a Federal election a mere 11 months since our last one.

Oh those whacky Canucks, 'eh??

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