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Friday, June 03, 2011 

Michael Coren: The Most Despicable Columnist In Canada

There is no more hateful, hurtful columnist published in Canada than Michael Coren.

-He openly advocated a nuclear attack on Iran in the pages of the Toronto Sun.
-He is now minimizing Ratko Mladics mass murder of civilian Bosnian teenage and adult male Muslims

The hatred that Michael Coren disseminates SHOULD be a crime. Here is what he is defending.

Shame on the Toronto Sun for continuing to publish this venomous idiocy!

You must have a reading comprehension problem, his column seems to be in favor of more genocide arrests than this one. He is disgusted by the selective arrest, but that doesn't fit your template...

Coren is perhaps the lowest of the right, even moreso than Levant, Kate or Kathy. But he is merely the latest pulling back of the covers of the true authoritarian, racist guts of the right. We have seen their hatred for democracy and freedom building this last year in the support for the tyrants of the middle east - they will do or say anything to demean anyone who is not in the Judeo-Christian axis. It's the same fear and hate that has for eons driven them to war and enslavement of others.

Except he's not defending Mladic. But whatever!

And he retracted his statement about bombing Iran.

Suzanne, I highly encourage you to read Coren's article again. He is disgusted that charges have been laid against Mladic BECAUSE charges have not been laid against the Syrian leader and others. Wow!

8000 unarmed, civilian men and boys (13 years old to 83), were bound, forced to lay down on their stomachs and a bullet was put in the back of their heads because of their race. They weren't soldiers. Their only crime was that they were not Serbian. This crime stands on its own and anything else added to it by Coren is mitigation.

Uncle Meat I disagree totally with you. The mass murder that Mladic ordered stands on it's own. Period. Attaching it to anything else is merely mitigating what went on.

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