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Monday, July 25, 2011 

And You Still Think That We Are Not Slipping Into An Extreme Right Wing Paradise Here In Canada???

The following comments were screen captured before the Toronto SUN closed comments on its Jack Layton story earlier today:

(Click to enlarge)

H/t to Youstayclassy blog ...

I think this speaks more to general lack of respect and decorum than it does for Right-Left politics. Similar messages would be found if Stephen Harper was going through the same thing.

As even minded individuals we, as a nation, should not allow this to happen. In the U.S no one fought against the extreme views of right wingers and it became the norm. Now the country is falling apart due to hyper-partisan politics. When the extremists come out of the woodwork we should point it out and push them out into the light of day for all to see.

That is disgusting and it seems par for the course with the right wing these days.

@Adam. I hate Harper the politician but I would never stoop to that kind of commentary if he was facing a devastating illness. Same for all my fellow non-Harper fans. The extreme right wing movements we are witnessing today are suffering from mass psychopathic behaviour. It's quite chilling to witness.

Same thing happens on the left these days. The viciousness of the rhetoric is astonishing from all over the political spectrum.

The Sun, however, should have monitored the comments more closely.

Read some of the comments on the following news story.


Hate and vile comments against an ill man are not exclusive to right or left.

@Beijing: Which extreme right wing movements are you referring to?

I found the news today about Jack somewhat timely with the Norway travesty.
The rightists are everywhere, even in Norway and...Canada
I will never forget our PM and John Baird shouting about "separatists" and "socialists" during the Coalition Accord,as tho it was a deal with the "devils"

and then there is this:

I have to agree with Adam. This isn't a right-wing thing. These are typical internet "trolls" who make comments on stories of these nature, regardless of who is involved. I'm a conservative-minded individual (small-c) and I don't agree with Jack on, well, anything, but I sure as heck hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

There is a false comparison happening here, & it's getting on my nerves.

I understand the desire to be noble - it's part of what makes progressives progressive - but too often the desire to be noble leads us to be gracious & deferent in areas & situations where derision & scorn are called for. Small wonder our adversaries consider us pussies.

Jack Layton is decent man who's given the best years of his life in the public service, working & fighting so that the best of the social contract is extended to all of the citizens of his country. Cheney is a walking cautionary tale of what happens when the corporation becomes enthroned, who stole 2 elections, lied 3 countries into 2 wars & has - callously & without hesitation - inflicted needless, pointless suffering, misery & depravation on millions of people & is the human being most responsible for the climate of hostility & denial that has crippled the most powerful country on earth from taking decisive action on climate change...etc., & for what? Money. "By their works, ye shall know them", & I look at Cheney & recognize genuine evil. Banal, devoid of conscience, without restraint or regret or remorse. Compassion, pity or anything decent in his direction? Saint Matthew, 7:6: "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." Cheney's a psychopath, & as soon as the extended warranty on his walking, pulseless corpse expires, our survival as a species becomes that much more likely.

Steven Harper? Cheney with a pulse. I'm still baffled as to how anyone could vote for someone who has the face of a cherub & the eyes of Karla Homolka, but that's denial for you. He is actively engaged in appealing to the worst instincts of an ugly hate-filled mob for no other purpose that to advance a selfish, destructive agenda that'll consolidate more power for him and his, all for the sake of more of the same. The fact that gets me up in the morning, that gets me to the barricades and firing my guns with whatever ammunition I can use is the fact that people like Harper & his defender-enablers make more money in a month lying and telling more lies in the defense of those lies than all of the decent people that I know make in a decade through by an honest living. I would not only cheer if I knew that Harper had terminal cancer, I would take that casket & chuck in in the ocean after taking a nice hot piss on the corpse. & then apologize to the fish for the substandard foodstuff I'd just foisted on them.

If you think that's too harsh, then wake the fuck up. Stop sending us off to fight our opponents under the Marquess of Queensberry Rules while they're tooled up for a fuckin' street fight. I think of Dan Savage's naming of the frothy mix of semen, shit and lube that is by-product of anal sex "santorum" in response to genuinely vile hate-speech from lil'Ricky & the flood of crocodile tears from the chorus of soft-skulled dipshits that ensued: "When asked whether he was concerned about the effect on Santorum's children, Savage responded that gays and lesbians have children too, yet their children are required to listen to gay relationships being compared to incest and bestiality. He said the people worried about Santorum's children were 'left-leaning trolls': 'The only people who come at me wringing their hands about Santorum's children are idiot lefties who don't get how serious the right is about destroying us.'"

My sympathies are firmly with Layton & I hope he makes a quick & painless recovery. I've no patience with those who would compare vermin like Cheney & Harper with someone as decent & forthright as Layton. Those who do are part of the Centrist Lie that "Both Sides Do It" & are part of the problem.

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