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Tuesday, August 09, 2011 

I Might Be A Small Blogger With No Influence - But I Can Still Kick The Globe And Mail Editorial Board In The Ass For Their Anti-New Democrat Bias!!

The Globe & Mail trumpeted the following editorial headline on August 2, 2011:
Nycole Turmel and the NDP have some explaining to do. The outrage was clearly defined. The G & M editorial board simply could not abide the fact that the acting Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition had once held membership in the Bloc Quebecois! The editorial went to great length to reprimand Jack Layton (cancer be damned) for his affront to the nation! Blah blah blah.

But what's this? It just so happens that a member of Her Majesty's 'Government' is also a former member of the Bloc Quebecois! One would think that similar outrage will be forthcoming from our very patriotic Globe & Mail Editorial Board! .... ahh ... not so much.

With the revelation that Canada's Transport Minister once held membership in the Bloc, here is the headline in today's very biased Globe & Mail:
Tories On The Defence Over Lebel’s Bloc Ties by Jane Taber (LOL)

The Editorial Board of the Globe & Mail has a clear and well defined bias against the New Democratic Party of Canada. It is blatant and it is obvious. Period. Any pretense of objective journalism on their part is a joke.

So your point is that both Turmel and Lebel should be attacked? I personally see a difference between quitting the BQ in 2001 and quitting the BQ in 2011, but don't let that stop you from going after your party's leader.

"So your point is that both Turmel and Lebel should be attacked?" ... ahh NO Jason! My point is that Liberals - Conservatives and the MSM went over the deep end in their attacks on Turmel. One would think that 'goose/gander' issues come into the debate. I think the fact that Lebel is a sitting Member of the Exective Council of the Dominion of Canada has some bearing on the scathing attacks on Turmel. We are still waiting to hear how Lebel voted in the 2 referendums that occurred while he held a Bloc card. You seem to want to turn this into a difference of 'degree' not 'substance' issue. Nonsense.

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