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Tuesday, August 02, 2011 

Canadians Should Be Thrilled That The Bloc's Day Is Done And Former Supporters Are Re-engaging With Canada!

... but don't be surprised if blood enemies of the New Democratic Party try to denigrate Quebec and the Quebecois yet again in an attempt to score cheap political points.

It could be argued that attacks on Nycole Turmel for CHOOSING CANADA are highly unpatriotic!


"The NDP's sin in the Turmel business was assuming they were dealing with people who have an internal moral compass. They should have known better. The Liberals made the mistake of thinking there was a low point past which the PMO wouldn't stoop and they lost two leaders as a result. The NDP have to realize they are dealing with a group of sociopaths, led by the Prime Minister himself. They will literally do anything to destroy anyone who opposes them. The NDP can either fight back or not. It won't matter to the PMO, either way."
They Call Me Mr. Sinister Blog

I really don't know what to think about this news. I see anyone related with the Bloc and P.Q as opportunists that don't really care for my country and are out only for themselves. The Bloc was made up of ex-federalists that jump ship any time it is convienent for them and act like pouty children when they don't get what they want. Example, Lucien Bouchard, jumped ship to the Bloc, then the P.Q. then gives up and becomes something of a right winger who wants Quebec to final look at its' finances in a serious way, lucidly, but swept the mess under the rug when premier of Quebec not to scare the voters about the reality of our debt, then there is Jean Lapierre, who I often see walking around my neighbourhood, from whom my wife holds me back from spitting on whenever I see him smugly walking by, jumped from the Liberals to the Bloc and back to the Liberals when the opportunity was right for him. These people have zero morals and are only out for themselves and they are taking my province and my country for a ride. Gilles Duceppe said after he lost his seat that he will respect what democracy has told him and take time off from politics, but the P.Q. and Bloc are so anti-democratic since they do not accept our vote to remain in Canada twice. No funny thing is that they will finally accept 1 final vote to separate but never a thousand to stay in the country they helped create. Hypocrites and liars.
I understand that we should be happy that some are coming back to Canada and accepting it as their country, but we in Quebec have been burned too many times by these, sorry no other word for it but, pigs.

Don't you know Buck only Dion is allowed to be a former Separatist and party leader no questions asked.

Liberal Motto "Pot you are soooooo Black"

Let's see that vertical mosaic of Canada. From top to bottom:

Albertans (except in Redmonton)
Good Jews
White American
New Zealander
White South African
Other white Europeans
Other brownish Europeans
Latin Americans
Liberals "aka socialists"
Socialists "aka commies"
Bad lefty Jews
Granola-crunching lefties
Commies "aka Margaret Atwood"
Former separatists
Current separatists
The other Indians
Muslims and Ayrabs

From a Conservative lens, there are good Canadians, and then there are Franco-Separatist-Muslim sympathisers.

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